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Should I have a skin care regime?

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iisme Sat 22-Oct-16 21:46:11

I've always been a bit lax about skin care, but made more effort when I used to sometimes get spots. Now I very rarely get spots and have lapsed into doing nothing with my face - just washing with water in the shower, no moisturiser or anything. I did the oil cleansing method for a while, which I quite liked, but gradually got out of the habit.

My skin is fine for my age (41) in terms of wrinkles, etc. Not amazing, probably average or slightly better than average. I'd love my skin to be ageing more slowly - def depressing looking in the mirror from certain angles or in certain light - but I'm unconvinced that using lots of creams will really achieve this.

We tend to have quite soft skin in my family - lovely when young but can be wrinkly when older. My sister (2 years older) is really showing her age, I think, and this may well be in store for me.

So - am I alright to just continue being lazy about this, or would I see the benefits if I put in more effort? And if I do put in more effort, what exactly would you recommend I do?

phoolani Sun 23-Oct-16 10:12:06

I used to be a wash in the shower, bit of moisturiser, bit of tinted moisturiser kind of person and my skin was always ok. But I switched to putting a bit more effort in - oil cleanse, acid toner, maybe a serum and cleansing and night treatment in the evening and my skin is better, just softer and smoother. I'm not convinced much is down to products per se,more down to just paying it a bit of attention iyswim.

botemp Sun 23-Oct-16 10:39:36

If you genuinely care, are willing to spend the money, time researching what would work best for you, and set aside the time 2x a day to make the best of your skin long term, then yes.

If it all sounds like too much faff, you don't wear makeup, and you can't really see yourself committing to all it entails, and feel fine for settling for average, then no. Barring any other issues skin is in theory self sufficient and requires no maintenance but it's hardly going to result in glowing skin at its prime when ageing.

Your choice, OP but if anything I'd urge to use a daily separate SPF year round (30+ in winter, 50 in summer) beyond the anti-ageing benefits it also protects from skin cancer. You will need to use an oil based cleanser to take it off though.

iisme Sun 23-Oct-16 11:11:32

Ok, thanks. So if I decide to change my ways and make an effort, which I really think I should ... where do I start? How do I know what to use? If I just use sunscreen and do oil cleansing is this enough? Or should I be looking to do more?

botemp Sun 23-Oct-16 11:19:13

It's where I suggest you'd start, SPF, cleanser and a moisturiser is the basics for most for maintenance, it won't drastically improve your skin overnight. It's sensible with skincare anyhow to gradually add in new product according to need rather than buying an entire line and hoping for the best. So just see how you get on with those two/three products.

Scroll down to the bottom of this thread, as I can't be bothered to c/p and do the pretty editing again for an idea what you could work towards, by no means should you follow every step. That OP had different issues but the routine advice and products are not catered specifically to her.

Badders123 Sun 23-Oct-16 11:25:23

I'm 44
I didnt use anything up to age 40 - and by then it showed - I seemed to age overnight!!
This is what I do now;
(I do have sensitive skin though!)
Ultrabland cleanser from lush
Nivea Micellar water
Nivea q10 day cream spf 15

Ultrabland cleanser from lush
Nivea micellar water
Advanced night repair serum by Estée Lauder
Nivea q10 night cream

Twice a week - rosy cheeks fresh face mask by lush

My skin looks so much better

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