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How long do your shoes last you?

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Sweetdisposition91 Fri 21-Oct-16 08:44:22

Exactly that really, admittedly I buy pretty cheap shoes in general new look, dune, etc.
But after a wear or two they always end up scuffed or marked!

Is this just because I'm buying cheap? What brands are worth investing in?

I would love a pair of louboutins but given my history I want to know if they're worth it before making such a big purchase!

FluffyFluffster Fri 21-Oct-16 08:56:43

I have a pair of Italian patent leather kitten heel shoes I wear to work. 2 years and still going strong and still look almost brand new. They aren't on the fancy designer price scale but they certainly weren't cheap either... about £175 (if I converted correctly lol). I've had expensive boots and they've all lasted well too. Price doesn't necessarily mean quality though, I've got a pair of £15 heels which I've had for 5 years. Not worn a lot but still in fab condition (also patent leather look, definitely faux)

PawWavingCat Fri 21-Oct-16 09:01:39

I have many many pairs of shoes, some very cheap and others +£100. Never designer, budget doesn't stretch that far.

The boots I wear regularly in the winter will last a couple of years.

Other boots and shoes that I wear occasionally will last a lot longer as they're only worn a few times a year (I still have boots in good condition from 20 years ago...)

chanie44 Fri 21-Oct-16 09:32:45

My theory is that shoes aren't built to last anymore, as many are designed to look good and that's about it.

My sisters shoes last, even the cheapy ones, but she drives to work. I on the other hand have a 2+ mile round trip to and from work come rain or shine and this means that my footwear doesn't last long. I buy cheapy shoes and replace them more often. I have good shoes, but I alternate them with the cheapy

SooWrites Fri 21-Oct-16 09:40:06

A few weeks! sad

I'm really fed up of it. I've tried walking boots, trainers, regular boots.

The skechers I have atm are lasting well. Six weeks to date (touch wood). My last pair of skechers lasted a fortnight. The Vans I bought after that lasted a week, a fucking week!

Next trainers seem to make it about a month.

I walk a lot. My dog gets a four mile walk everyday and I work in a newsagents on my feet all day. This ridiculousness only started a couple of years ago though. Pior to the last few years shoes used to last me 3-6 months, walking boots and trainers around a year.

PNGirl Fri 21-Oct-16 10:19:30

Until I get bored of them to be honest! Ballet pumps can last up to 3 years, boots up to 3 years, trainers go on forever.

When you say they are scuffed, where is this happening? If they're leather then a protective spray and some clear cream should sort them out.

There is a difference between wearing out i.e thinning soles, opening seams and looking a bit scuffed though. There's also a definite difference between New Look and Dune - NL tend to sell shoes from a tenner that are fabric whereas I've had Dune shoes that were about £70 and real leather.

BusterGonad Fri 21-Oct-16 10:22:28

Crickey. I've got shoes and boots I've had for years. One pair of boots I have had for about 10 years. I get them heeled and soled and they are good to go. The only shoes that I've had to bin are because they wear through the leather on the back of the heel due to driving which cannot be fixed. I generally buy decent shoes though. Clarks are the best and I never buy shoes that aren't real leather unless they are just to knock about in. They don't last and make my feet stink! Ha ha

rightknockered Fri 21-Oct-16 12:47:57

My shoes tend to last around two years, except dog walking shoes/wellies which last around 3-4 months. I have a pair of Frye boots that have been with me for 12 years and still going strong. I own a pair of DMs that I've had since the 90's

rightknockered Fri 21-Oct-16 13:02:35

I have two pairs of Cheaney boots bought from Toast which have seen a lot of use over the couple of years I've had them, and still look new, so I expect they will endure

MiracletoCome Fri 21-Oct-16 13:12:06

I buy mid priced boots and shoes from Next and M&S and I find the Next boots usually need reheeling, then they tend to last quite well. I polish them to hide the scuffs and have bought some touch up paint for heels so they don't look scruffy when they wear a bit. They generally last well then but I have several pairs and don't just stick to one pair.

BlueberryBakewell Sat 22-Oct-16 19:55:12

I have some lovely shoes that I have had for years. Boots last a long time too. It does depend on how often you wear them. I love LK Bennett high patent courts, I have 4 pairs in various colours and mainly wear them indoors, so they still look like new.

For the office I usually buy £50 ish shoes, but they live in the office. I expect them to last about 1 year. I also buy good ballet pumps £100 a pair, and get two pairs a year for to and from work on the tube.

Russel and Bromley boots last well, one pair that has done me to and from work in the winter and rain, has lasted me about 12 years.

I have a pair of timberland boots that still look like new after 20 years. Only wear them 5 or 6 times a year though.

I think the trick is to keep them clean and repair heals and soles regularly, and rotate.

Branleuse Sat 22-Oct-16 19:58:40

I realised last year that the only shoes I dont wreck are dr martens, and I can wear them most of the year, so Im only buying those now and a pair of birkies for the summer. I can usually get a couple of summers out of a pair of birkies

SillySongsWithLarry Sat 22-Oct-16 20:08:07

Dr Martens - two years old and 5 years old. With a regular polish look good as new.

The North Face trainers - 2 years old not a scratch on them and worn and worn.

Skechers go walk - replace every 6 months. Wear through the front fabric.

Hush puppies ballet pumps - once a year, they fall apart.

Ugg boots - 2 pairs, 5 ish years old, don't look new anymore but plenty of life in them.

Birkenstocks - 3 ish years old, could do with a new pair.

I think that is all from memory grin

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