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Popular make up and skincare things that don't work for you

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Lottapianos Fri 21-Oct-16 08:25:42

We've all seen products recommended by others that just didn't live up to the hype for you. Here's some of mine:

Trilogy Rosehip Oil - I love other facial oils, but this left my skin feeling tight

MAC lipsticks - the colour range is amazing, but I find them all so drying, even the non-matte formulas. I have about 6 and there's not one I would repurchase

Clarins Hand Cream - less moisturising than the Vaseline Intensive Care I'm currently using

NotQuitePerfect Fri 21-Oct-16 08:49:04

Agree about the Clarins hand & nail cream - left my hands drier than using no hand cream at all confused.

Also never got on with their Beauty Flash Balm, and find Clarins face creams too highly fragranced and not moisturising enough. Love their body products though wink.

Lottapianos Fri 21-Oct-16 09:05:09

Same here with Beauty Flash Balm - did absolutely nothing for me. Wasn't impressed by the much-adored Blue Orchid oil either - £10 Botanics Facial Oil was way better. Maybe Clarins and I just don't get on!

PawWavingCat Fri 21-Oct-16 09:07:20

Ooh good thread: mine is Benefit They're Real mascara. I found it really clumpy and turned me into a proper panda.

JohnCheese Fri 21-Oct-16 09:46:27

Touche Eclat concealer pen thing. Awful stuff. The only thing EVER that I've been sensitive to. Nice work YSL.

IMO Clarins stuff is highly frangranced and over-ingrediented. So little much to irritate.

expatinscotland Fri 21-Oct-16 09:48:09

Anything for the face. Everything breaks me out in spots.

icandoscience Fri 21-Oct-16 10:03:26

Clinique Dramatically Different moisturiser - the one for dry skin manages to dry my face out even more!

carmenta Fri 21-Oct-16 10:05:07

Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish. It gave me loads of zits, even using a clean cloth every time.

Maudlinmaud Fri 21-Oct-16 10:07:36

Eve lom cleanser left my skin tight. Gave it to my sister and she raves about it.
I do love a bit of clarins though. Particulary beauty flash balm straight before make up and love the smell of blue orchid oil.

Maudlinmaud Fri 21-Oct-16 10:10:19

*paricularly whoops

soyvanillalatte Fri 21-Oct-16 10:11:15

YY to rosehip oil.

Clarisonic comes to mind first. Used many years ago when it first came out and it left little broken blood vessels on my skin around my nose - DH pointed them out.

Liquid gold . Leave skin feeling "papery" the next day. Awful.

Hot cloth cleansers: just don't clean my face.

I'm sure there are more.

GhettoFabulous Fri 21-Oct-16 12:45:53

Lily Lolo and Benefit both break out the spottier aspects of my rosacea.

MarvinGorilla Fri 21-Oct-16 12:55:58

Mac lipsticks are sooo drying, I could never get on with them at all.

carmenta Fri 21-Oct-16 12:58:27

Mineral makeup makes me break out. Disappointingly I discovered this after spending a large amount of money on bare minerals.

Indecisivejo Fri 21-Oct-16 13:39:32

Avene spring water for some reason gives me little whiteheads?!?! Could be the high silica content I guess

FeliciaJollygoodfellow Fri 21-Oct-16 14:22:43

Silicone primers designed to fill pores.

I have massive, craterish pores and they do nothing for them. If I use too much then my pores are smoothed but my make up slides off!

pennycarbonara Fri 21-Oct-16 14:22:56

Trilogy rosehip oil again. It took over 2 months for the terrible spots to go away.
That Guerlain bronzer the mags used to rave about - more spots, looked bad enough that I got my money back from the shop.
Liz Earle and Eve Lom cleansers - okay but left my skin bumpy. Not worth the money.
Beauty Flash balm just made no difference, might have been too young for it at the time, but no desire to try it again. Ditto Creme de la Mer. I used to buy way too much flashy skincare in my twenties.

needanewjob Fri 21-Oct-16 14:25:21

Clinique skincare - the toner burns my skin and the soap and moisturiser dry it out! My best face stuff is good old oil of Olay, I use the cleansing cloths and the 7 signs moisturiser and my skins never been better

Weneverworked Fri 21-Oct-16 15:55:39

Boots perform and protect range or whatever it's called. Had a blotchy spotty face for a week

miaowmix Fri 21-Oct-16 15:59:41

Nice thread.

Any serum but especially that No7 one. Literally did nothing.

ditto Clinique DD moisturiser which is decidedly undramatic on my dry skin. Like water.

YSL touche eclat - I still have one gathering dust from one it first came out (must declutter). Pale, pink tones, made eye bags look worse?

Conversely Garnier BB cream in medium is second only to Chanel vitalumiere for me. Works beautifully and is dirt cheap so stockpile the stuff.

miaowmix Fri 21-Oct-16 16:00:29

Oh god yes Mac lipsticks, horribly drying.

Maudlinmaud Fri 21-Oct-16 16:04:08

Clarins double serum. Bought it twice.
What is the point.

JaneJeffer Fri 21-Oct-16 16:05:14

Boots curl cream - like putting liquid soap in my hair, yuk
Blanx toothpaste - don't see it's anything better than Colgate

PuppyMonkey Fri 21-Oct-16 16:09:01

Came on to name and shame Boots Protect and Perfect beauty serum - see it's already been mentioned. Massive allergic reaction.

Dontyouknow2016 Fri 21-Oct-16 16:40:03

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream - what does it do? Really greasy and medicinal
Clarins beauty flash balm - the superdrug one did just the same
Mac lipstick - lovely colour but yes very drying
Boots perfect range - what was the fuss about
I did get on with trilogy rose hip oil

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