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Kat Von d foundation what shade?

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GlitterandSparkle88 Wed 19-Oct-16 21:50:14

Has anyone used the Kat Von d lock it foundation an know what the shades are like? I really want to try it but not a clue what shade to go for I'm an NW13 in Mac and no 2 in Charlotte tilbury if that helps?

ZacharyQuack Thu 20-Oct-16 01:04:38

Try using Temptalia's Foundation Matrix. You can enter the brand and shade that you currently wear and it will recommend matches in other brands.

I think there's another website called Findation which does something similar, but I've not tried it.

GlitterandSparkle88 Thu 20-Oct-16 09:44:19

Ooh that's sounds great thankssmile never heard of that before

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