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Naked palette: worth it?

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pasturesgreen Wed 19-Oct-16 08:43:38

So, I received a gift card for my birthday and was thinking of investing in a Naked palette.

I've been eyeing them up for ages but could never quite justify the expense...OTOH, nudes are really my colours and was thinking of treating myself. Are they worth the hype? If so, which one do you recommend?

katiegg Wed 19-Oct-16 08:53:40

I actually bought Naked2 a few months ago with vouchers. I love it! I had been playing around with a friend's Naked pallet a few weeks before and loved it, the shadows have a lovely creamy texture and blend really well. When I got my gift vouchers as a present I decided to treat myself.

I was originally going to get the first Naked as that's what my friend had, but the sales assistant asked me a couple of questions about my makeup wearing habits and my colouring etc and decided Naked2 would be a better fit.

NotPennysBoat Wed 19-Oct-16 08:55:16

100% yes. It's one of the few possessions I own that I would replace like-for-like instantly if it was lost/damaged. Go for it!

Piehunter Wed 19-Oct-16 08:56:28

I have the original palette and have had it since it came out, I don't use it for everyday, use cheaper eyeshadow for that! It's absolutely beautiful and I love it.

NotPennysBoat Wed 19-Oct-16 08:57:22

Oh I also have the Naked2. I had asked Father Christmas for Naked1 but he must have got confused in the workshop because he delivered Naked2! That said, he's obviously quite the makeup expert because I love every single shade!

KitKats28 Wed 19-Oct-16 09:40:52

I've got 1, 2, 3, Smoky and Basics. Naked 2 gets the most use followed by Smoky.

I don't use 3 much, as the colours are very pinky. The original one is all browns, 2 is more greyish.

The new Naked Ultimate Basics looks like a good combination of colours.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Wed 19-Oct-16 09:53:38

I prefer the original palette.

Ladybird333 Wed 19-Oct-16 09:58:16

DD has it and it's gorgeous. Her eyes always look amazing. Def want to get one myself. Do it!

CaptainBrickbeard Wed 19-Oct-16 10:04:16

I've put Naked 3 on my wish list and now wondering if I should go for 1 instead. What sort of colouring are they all best with?

FeliciaJollygoodfellow Wed 19-Oct-16 11:15:57

I have Naked 2 and 3, 3 is my favourite. They've recently released a new one which I want, but I rarely wear shadow nowadays!

Definitely treat yourself, but get yourself to an UD counter and test them to see which one is best for your colouring.

mandymoomin Wed 19-Oct-16 13:55:04

Highly recommend the Urban Decay palate - It's been a staple of mine for the last 5 years. But I agree with above - Go to the counter & play around with the shades - There is so much variation.

Dancergirl Wed 19-Oct-16 16:16:12

Not worth the money IMO. There are cheaper versions which are just as good. You are paying for the name.

I have just bought a fab palette from Lily Lilo for £20.

hollinhurst84 Wed 19-Oct-16 16:20:02

I have one and two and I constantly use makeup geek eyeshadows instead of them, much better pigmentation and buttery

jasmine1979 Wed 19-Oct-16 16:28:46

I have naked 2 and really don't like it. I think you can get far better quality eyeshadows for less. I find that there is far too much fallout with the glittery shadows on this pallete as well. I do love the smaller naked basic pallete however.
I much prefer the clarins essentials eyeshadow palette.

OreoHeaven Wed 19-Oct-16 19:01:28

I picked up today for £8/9 MakeUp Revolution Matte Palette in 32 shades. Really nice. 3 for 2 on all Make up in Superdrug currently.

Flozle Wed 19-Oct-16 19:47:55

I have all of them. I barely use anything else; I love them. Ask at the counter which one they would recommend for your colouring, and ask one of the lovely assistants (because I've yet to meet an Urban Decay sales assistant who wasn't lovely) how you use the colours. So worth it.

SooBee61 Wed 19-Oct-16 20:09:33

I have one of these and find it very 'powdery'. Fragments end up on my cheeks! I'd have thought it would be better quality for the price but the colours are nice.

Pixie2015 Wed 19-Oct-16 20:10:44

I love my naked2 x

qwertytrewq Thu 20-Oct-16 07:15:12

I love 1&smokey, like someone b4 me I find the 2&3 crumbly but I still use them regardless

Shortandsweet20 Thu 20-Oct-16 07:16:17

I have all of the 3 and I love them all! So beautiful the quality is amazing!

U2HasTheEdge Thu 20-Oct-16 08:11:44

Yep, I have 3 and the smokey. Both are amazing.

However, I use my Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette the most.

U2HasTheEdge Thu 20-Oct-16 08:13:26

The Makeup revolution palettes do not come close to UD.

mimishimmi Thu 20-Oct-16 08:16:32

Use Naked2 ALL the time as a MUA so it's always in my kit.

PotatoBread Thu 20-Oct-16 10:44:29

I use smokey the most - have had 1 & 2 but will stick to smokey from now on.

MalbecAndLindt Thu 20-Oct-16 10:49:57

I've had the Naked 2 palette for nearly 2 years. I love it. Use it several times a week and the colours have barely worn down. It also stays on most of the day, unlike a lot f eyeshadows which rub off/cake/etc.

To be fair though, I'm a huge fan of Urban Decay makeup in general smile

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