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Black tie do - help!

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slyoldfox Tue 18-Oct-16 19:15:13

Just ahead the briefest of looks in the shops and saw lots black, and glitter but all a bit skimpy.

Can anyone recommend anything super flattering and black tie do appropriate?

I haven't had a proper night out in seriously, years (pregnancy/mat leave) and so this is my first bit work event since then.

I could do with shifting a bit of timber before then (got a month to do it) but otherwise a bit flabby size 14, big arse, fat knees, no boobs, not keen on bingo wings. It's a tough brief I know! So come on all you glamorous trendy people - what are you wearing to this kind of thing? Inspire me please.

abear Tue 18-Oct-16 19:19:48

Could be worth looking in Phase Eight - their dresses are generally very flattering and usually quite a big selection.

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