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Cherlone evening wear - any good or steer clear?

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ShotsFired Tue 18-Oct-16 17:01:44

I am a fatty looking for a formal-ish evening dress. I hope not to ever need a nice frock in the size I currently am again, so scouring ebay for bargains.

I keep coming across Cherlone-brand dresses, which sound too good to be true for the prices they are listed at - does anyone have any experience of them?

This one, for example. It appears to be an actual dress on a mannequin, but will I get some flimsy bit of static nylon for my bargainous tenner, a la the online shopping disaster albums that do the rounds every so often.

And I can't see any way to make this one, that looks like this in real life, for £9.99 either:

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