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Where for really warm/soft poss cashmere socks?

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ChickenVindaloo Sun 16-Oct-16 23:37:26

I really like those super-soft fluffy socks you can buy in Tesco in pairs of 2 for about £4. Usually pink and white. But they wear out pretty quickly and they are a touch on the cheap and nasty side, I suspect.

Where would one go for really luxurious socks? Think Kate Middleton relaxing on Christmas Day grin


LordRothermereBlackshirtCunt Sun 16-Oct-16 23:41:52

White Company do lovely cashmere socks but they are spendy, around £35 a pair, I think. I have a pair and love them. Hoping Santa will bring another this year!

CointreauVersial Sun 16-Oct-16 23:42:03

I bought some gorgeous cashmere bedsocks in TKMaxx. But the bloody things had to be hand-washed, and the one time I couldn't be arsed and put them on a wool wash they shrunk to doll proportions. Too much hassle.

Maybe treat yourself to some sheepskin slippers?

deepdarkwood Sun 16-Oct-16 23:42:57

I've had the white company ones before:

They feel lovely, but do fall apart quite fast if you do anything other than go to bed in them :-)

TheSnorkMaidenReturns Sun 16-Oct-16 23:46:16

White company cashmere bedsocks are nice but if those are too down market you could try Brora.

ChickenVindaloo Sun 16-Oct-16 23:48:24

Thanks guys. Yes, it would be great to have a pair that would survive a wool wash in the machine.

For the avoidance of doubt, I am not in fact Kate Middleton. grin Although I bet she lurks!

RockinHippy Mon 17-Oct-16 00:33:09

Have you tried Bamboo socks ?

Knitted bamboo fabric is incredibly soft & hardwearing too

OCSockOrphanage Mon 17-Oct-16 09:39:09

These are the dog's b*ll*x of socks. They go in the washing machine and don't cost £35. I'm not ecstatic on the colours but the socks are so blissfully comfortable to wear that I don't care. I prefer the Companion style; have been wearing them for years in winter. Great in wellies and walking boots.

drspouse Mon 17-Oct-16 12:17:32

Is the mohair not itchy OCSock?

OCSockOrphanage Mon 17-Oct-16 12:19:59

Not even slightly itchy, promise! And they make excellent Christmas presents for men.

drspouse Mon 17-Oct-16 12:21:30

Oooh nice idea - Dad, you are ever so hard to buy for!

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