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I need a new winter coat - any ideas?

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clary Sun 16-Oct-16 22:14:26

I know that in this great car-owning democracy a proper winter coat is often not needed... but I do need one.

I work in a school so I need something for cold days on duty; I also watch my DC doing outdoor sport and often walk to places locally (shops, kids' school, pub) so again, I need something warm.

It's not really for country walks, so not an anoraky type thing; but equally doesn't need to be ultra smart. My last two coats were Boden warm-lined macs bought in the sale, now rather tatty. Because of this Pavlovian reflex (I was a bit mad on Boden for a while there) I am a bit clueless as to where to look for a nice coat. What's good this year? About £100 if that's feasible smile

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