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Retinol recommendations

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LostAtTheFair Sat 15-Oct-16 23:36:19

I am considering incorporating retinol into my skincare regime. I'm mid 30s and am using Jan Marini products. I would prefer something without a prescription but I don't think I'm willing to run the risk of buying online. Does anyone know of any effective retinol/retinA products which I should try? I must admit that I don't know the difffeebce between retinol and retinA

MorrisZapp Sat 15-Oct-16 23:37:47

Check out hot and flashy on YouTube, she's retinol mad.

ageingrunner Sat 15-Oct-16 23:37:59

Just marking my place for the replies smile

squoosh Sun 16-Oct-16 00:13:57

Retinol is the weaker form of retin-a that you can buy in lots of skincare products at various price points. I haven't tried it but this one from The Ordinary might be a good starting point at only £8.

Retin-a is only available on prescription..........or from certain internet pharmacies.

burnishedsilver Sun 16-Oct-16 01:06:47

I did well initially with LRP Redermic R. I've upped it now to prescription strength bought over the counter in Spain.

hollinhurst84 Sun 16-Oct-16 01:16:01

Redermic R I didn't really notice a difference with
Am now using the ordinary 2% and it's fab. Go easy at first, small amount and every 3 nights

Truckingalong Sun 16-Oct-16 06:45:29

Retin a is the strong stuff and is also known as tretinoin. You can get it in products like obagi, which is prescription only but you can also buy on eBay from abroad.

sophias7 Sun 16-Oct-16 06:57:56

I am using Paula's choice retinol wrinkle repair (does much more than that, silky texture, improves fine lines, helps with general appearance of the skin), or Paula's choice retinol 1%. Not sure if you've ever heard of Paula's choice but go have a look on their website. Great formulated products, no alcohol or crap in them, PLUS you can buy trial sizes so you can try to see how they work out. smile hope I helped youn

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