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Recommend a good moisturiser please!

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Shockers Sat 15-Oct-16 07:02:29

Hi, I turned 50 this year and am starting to notice that my skin looks... well, old really.

I use a CC cream, blusher and mascara over my moisturiser, which make me look ok, but I feel my moisturiser could be better.

To be perfectly honest, I'm just using an olay one at the moment because it was all the chemist had and I'm feeling too anxious to go anywhere crowded.

I want to feel better about myself. Winter is historically a bad time for me and I need to take charge. I'm drinking lots of water, I've recently cut out alcohol and I'm eating well.

I still look and feel crappy though!

Blueisthemagicnumber Sat 15-Oct-16 13:32:07

Is your skin type dry or oily? A plumping serum under your moisturiser could help.

Shockers Sun 16-Oct-16 07:10:10

I do use serum when I go out Blue, but although I'm very old, I still occasionally get spots and serum seems to cause them.

I'm a lost cause, I fear.

wineusuallyhelps Sun 16-Oct-16 07:26:16

I'm 40 and my skin is both dry and prone to spots confused. And getting wrinkly of course.

I used to use Dior, Clinique etc but now love Aldi moisturisers (yes really!). They make your skin so soft and I get much less spots than when I was using Clinique at £35 a pot. They are called Lacura and I have a day cream and night cream. About £2.99 or so! They do serums too I think.

blueistheonlycolourwefeel Sun 16-Oct-16 07:26:55

I use moisturiser from Lidl! It's only £2 a pot and brilliant! I'm 41.

takesnoprisoners Sun 16-Oct-16 07:28:11

Acid toning, serum, day cream+spf. You are sorted. I use the one from Aldi as well. Nothing else is that good.

Shockers Sun 16-Oct-16 07:31:17

Acid toning, takesnoprisoners?

I've tried the Aldi one, but had a reaction to the perfume (my eyes just streamed!).

takesnoprisoners Sun 16-Oct-16 07:38:04

Yes, there is a thread discussing using various acids like Glycolic, Lactic and retinols. There is also another discussion on moisturizers. Will search for it if you are unable to locate it.

eyeoresancerre Sun 16-Oct-16 07:40:13

I use the serum from Aldi too. I've just swapped from Lancôme and it's much better. It's the soy one for older skin.

Julius02 Sun 16-Oct-16 08:07:44

I'm a similar age and also rate the soy serum from Aldi.

I've used all sorts of very expensive moisturisers but am currently using the caviar night cream from Aldi and my skin has never looked better. I have oily skin, prone to spots, but using this at night has really plumped up my skin. I also followed a tip on here and use it as an eye cream too and my wrinkles are much less noticeable.

Shockers Sun 16-Oct-16 10:28:40

Thanks everyone. I'll try the caviar one, it might be less perfumed.

I'll also have a look for those threads, takesnoprisoners.

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