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Chanel Make-up

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Twogoats Fri 14-Oct-16 22:45:08

This seems to get mentioned a lot on here, especially in relation to good-quality luxury make-up.

I've never tried it. I was always too scared to go to the counter in case I broke something and couldn't afford to pay for it! I have a bit more disposable income now... so I am considering giving them a go.

Any tips?

LaundryQueenHatesIroning Fri 14-Oct-16 22:47:40

I am personally not keen on the eyeshadows. Not worth the money, not very pigmented and doesn't blend easily, or maybe that was just compared to Urban Decay.

Tippexy Fri 14-Oct-16 22:55:50

Aqualumiere foundation is basically a very expensive tinted moisturiser.

Les Beiges is great however, a proper foundation. Their facial skincare is also a lovely treat.

NameChanged38a Fri 14-Oct-16 22:58:31

Foundation and lipsticks are nice smile I love their JC blushes too.

DoesAnyoneReadTheseThings Fri 14-Oct-16 23:02:46

Les Beiges foundation is amazing.

HatePaperDoll Fri 14-Oct-16 23:07:39

The CC cream is the dog's balls.

IMO, Bourjois City Radiance is similar to but better than better than Les Beiges.

botemp Fri 14-Oct-16 23:08:15

Lipsticks is what you want from them, as well as lip pencils. I like that their foundations are so light but that's personal preference. Les Beiges powders also gorgeous but extremely subtle. Never understood all the hoopla about Soleil le Tan though, far nicer and easier to use bronzers out there. Eye shadows are not as pigmented but the colours and their pairings in the quads are the thing that sets them apart, personally I prefer the lighter touch of a barely there wash. I'd give the facial skin care a pass, it's v. overpriced for what it is with the only benefit that it smells 'nice' which is also somewhat subjective. The Le Blanc primer is great though (and technically I think part of the skincare line). Le Volume and the Inimitable Intense Mascara are some of my favourites. I've been meaning to look into their new matte lip oils that are supposed to be fab.

I do like Chanel makeup but I fully accept it is somewhat overpriced for what it is, but it's hard to find that selection of colours in beautiful packaging elsewhere with that level of curation. In other words it's well edited, some products are really unique to them but if you have the time and patience you'll find the same and better for lower prices.

NameChanged38a Fri 14-Oct-16 23:34:52

Agree. Bourjois City Radiance = Chanel Les Beiges.

pasturesgreen Sat 15-Oct-16 08:25:16

YY to lip pencils...I've been using their neutral one for years.

Lip glosses look gorgeous in the tube but are uncomfortably sticky once you put them on.

Oh, and their array of nail colours is just fabulous! Pretty long lasting, as well.

ihatethecold Sat 15-Oct-16 08:47:52

Looks like you've tried a lot of Chanel make up. smile

NameChanged38a Sat 15-Oct-16 09:20:32

For Foundation:

Perfection Lumiere - matte very makeup-y look
Chanel Les Beiges - matte also, but less than P Lumiere; very similar to Bourjois City Radiance
Vitalumiere Aqua - light-medium coverage, skin-like
Vitalumiere - dewy
Perfection Lumiere Velvet - lighter than PL, light-medium coverage

Rouge Allure lipsticks are my favourite lipsticks
Joues Contraste blushes are my favourite blushes

The rest, buy somewhere else

botemp Sat 15-Oct-16 09:21:10

grin <--- pretty much what Chanel counter staff look like when I approach, ihate.

In all fairness though sad attempt at justification ahead, I don't actually own a lot of makeup as I buy quite selectively and it lasts forever.

I have a few Chanel lipsticks that must be really old (I think one is approaching a decade) and they're still good, any other brand just ends up binned and feels much more like a waste of money Tom Ford.

I've tried Bourjois and others but they all don't end up working for me which feels like a huge waste and I just can't be bothered with the constant search.

The Chanel counters tend to be much more helpful in figuring out what works for you and what doesn't (very generous with samples, incl. makeup) and have clean applicators, wands, etc. so feel much safer sampling things (tend to be quite hygiene conscious due to various sensitivities).

Also, in my part of the world a large cosmetic chain always have 30-40% off makeup incl. Chanel so the price disparity between them and say Bourjois is much smaller.

NavyandWhite Sat 15-Oct-16 09:24:01

All my make up is Chanel. TBH it's more of a habit now that I keep using it. It's good but I keep seeing Charlotte Tilbury and the like and fancy a look.

Saying that the mascara is the best I've ever tried.

FuzzyBadger Sat 15-Oct-16 09:36:01

I own Chanel skincare, eye shadows, lipsticks, lip liners, blusher and bronzer (missing fancy names for all).
The skincare is a treat but not worth using every day as there is better stuff out there and it's ridiculously expensive. Same for eyeshadow - no difference between Chanel and urban decay/benefit etc.
Lipsticks and liners - I'll never find anything as good as Chanel and I have tried!

Can anyone give a list of the true coverage for Chanel foundations?

VeryPunny Sat 15-Oct-16 09:39:19

Chanel lipstick in Pirate will be prized from my cold dead hands. I also love Volume de Chanel mascara, although I desperately would like to find a cheaper one that works for me.

NameChanged38a Sat 15-Oct-16 09:43:18


Made a list of the ones I have tried smile

My fave Chanel lipstick is Insolente, which was discontinued. I don't know why they did - it is so pretty.

botemp Sat 15-Oct-16 09:46:57

Yes, that's the one really annoying thing about Chanel, they discontinue a lot to keep the collection small so you can still end up weeping over a long lost love years on.

NameChanged38a Sat 15-Oct-16 09:51:21


I have never found any lipstick I love more than I love Insolente. Although there's a Sisley lipbalm that's a close second.

I still have two tubes remaining, which I bought in 2012. They don't smell bad. I can't let them go. :P

My favourite JC blush is Narcisse - which has been discontinued as well. sad

FuzzyBadger Sat 15-Oct-16 09:57:24

Sorry namechange, I did see that. May I ask what coverage the Vitalumiere (dewy one) is in real life?

I once had a horrible session with a Chanel counter lady who told me none of their foundations would cover my face enough. I have really good skin, no blemishes at all but a smattering of freckles across my nose and a couple under my eyes. I do like full coverage though because I prefer that look so was v disheartened to be told that by her sad

NameChanged38a Sat 15-Oct-16 10:00:46

Fuzzy - I have only tried it in the counter once. I remember it to be light-medium coverage. If you like full coverage, Perfection Lumiere might be the one. However, it is very matte.

botemp Sat 15-Oct-16 10:05:54

The Guerlain foundations (can't remember the exact names I think Parure Gold and Lingerie de Peau) are very nice if you're looking for full coverage but like the Chanel aesthetic, Fuzzy.

FuzzyBadger Sat 15-Oct-16 10:08:41

Thank you both smile

NameChanged38a Sat 15-Oct-16 10:21:02

Try Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk too. smile

botemp Sat 15-Oct-16 10:30:37

I'm getting that next NameChanged, but think it's quite a sheer base but utterly gorgeous on the skin.

NameChanged38a Sat 15-Oct-16 10:32:29

botemp - medium coverage, but yeah, it's probably not going to hide freckles. Actually, the only thing I can think of which might hide freckles are the MAC Studio and Kat Von D foundations. I have never tried either, but have seen them used on Youtube for this purpose. smile

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