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If you wear a suit to work do you wash or dry clean?

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Fletcherl Fri 14-Oct-16 19:42:50

I have started a new job. I need to wear a suit where can you get them? Do you wash the jackets at home or dry clean?

traviata Fri 14-Oct-16 20:30:01

what's your budget? And do you want a quite traditional look, or more fashiony?

Anyway I always have suits dry cleaned, even if they say washable, because I think washing them destroys the shape, especially of the jackets.

SpeckledyBanana Fri 14-Oct-16 20:32:01

I have some Next suits which I wash, but because I wash the trousers more than the jacket they fade unevenly.

Fletcherl Fri 14-Oct-16 20:41:50

I think that I would like fashionable that conservative is required someone had a quiet word today about my suit. It was a tabaccco coloured silk suit with a knee length skirt with a burgundy blouse.
Not sure about budget I am thinking top end high street. How many suits do you need? Is it 2 trousers to 1 jacket.

SpeckledyBanana Fri 14-Oct-16 20:44:37

For a 5-day week I think 3 (so your clothes don't wear out super-quickly), and yes I would buy 2 bottoms to 1 jacket.

Fletcherl Fri 14-Oct-16 20:53:14

Any recommendations apart from Next? I am not really a Next shape too curvy.

traviata Fri 14-Oct-16 20:55:07

How about dresses and jackets?

I have some jackets from T M Lewin which I wear with high-street shift dresses, mostly in blacks and greys.
Next and M&S are good. Try Austin Reed, although they have reduced their range a lot since being taken over.

eurochick Fri 14-Oct-16 20:56:52

For conservative, I second TM Lewin. If you can push the budget a bit, Ted Baker and Reiss are good. I've also bought nice suits in Zara in the past but haven't seen any lately.

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