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Argh blusher discontinued?

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booox Fri 14-Oct-16 10:43:57

Boots no 7 coral flush.

I can't find it anywhere!

Is there anything EXACTLY the same?!


ShmooBooMoo Fri 14-Oct-16 11:22:06

Laura Mercier does a couple of pretty coral blushers:

Look at Sweet Mandarin and Lush Nectarine.

Call Boots CS to see if they can trace any local stores that may still have stock...worth a try. Or, ask friends/ family who live a fair distance from you to keep an eye out at their Boots.

shirkingworking Fri 14-Oct-16 11:36:23

Bobbi Brown nectar blusher is lovely and coral. More expensive but v nice

booox Fri 14-Oct-16 15:50:14

Thanks for your advice; the issue is that it's not that coral actually; the replacement version is much too orange.

I've tracked one down on eBay and will be doing some swatch testing for when that one runs out!

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