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Recommend me a foundation please

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Excellentstick Fri 14-Oct-16 10:34:57

I am 36 years old, dark blonde (mainly thanks to highlights these days) skin that tans, although not as much as it used to and I can have a tendency to look pale when I'm tired / it's the middle of winter. Skin is oily so looks quite shiny and I have the odd spot, particularly on my jawline. Quite a few freckles (which i suppose is sun damage!) and dark spots. Enlarged pores in nose. Dryer skin around sides of nose. Fine lines across forehead.

Anyone recommend a foundation that's going to make me look as good as possible? Ie. Awake, younger, less shiny (although I do like a dewier complexion) and less spotty.

A big ask!

Happy to pay for higher end ones if needs be.

Ps. I sound horrendous when I write all that down. I'm not that bad I don't think...

MightyMunki Fri 14-Oct-16 16:43:44

I have a mid-price recommendation. I've tried my fair share of foundations, and recently having got sick and tired of buying 'not quite the right shade' and looking either too tanned or completely washed out, I tried the Boots colour match thingy.

Once they found my shade I picked the No7 Airbrush Away foundation. I really love it, applied with a real techniques sponge, its so light on the skin, gives good even coverage, but not cakey at all, nice and dewy. I don't know whether its the sponge (which I bought at the same time) or the new foundation, but it looks like my real skin but better.

Also if you're looking to minimize pores, I highly recommend the Laura Gellar Spackle Primer, best primer I've tried by far!

ToffeeForEveryone Fri 14-Oct-16 16:49:16

Primer is your friend. Do you use any now? It will help a lot with pores, lines and shine. I'm currently using an Estee Lauder illuminating primer, which does brighten complexion but doesn't fully hide my pores so I'm going back to Smashbox once the tube is done!

Have you tried Estee Lauder Double Wear / Double Wear Light for foundation?

It is definitely worth paying more for foundation ime. Go round a few counters and get some samples?

Sancia Fri 14-Oct-16 16:53:21

I'm a big fan - third bottle! - of the Maxfactor FaceFinity 3 in 1 primer, concealer, foundation. On with a brush, doesn't seem to work well with fingers. Really nice natural finish.

MrsT2007 Fri 14-Oct-16 17:14:24

Super impressed with the bourgois city radiance.

Excellentstick Sat 15-Oct-16 00:13:52

Thanks for the replies, I don't use primer no - I need to get on to this pronto!

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