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M&S boots?

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Cumberlover76 Thu 13-Oct-16 22:11:16

Anyone bought boots from m&s recently? I've got £70 m&s vouchers plus a £5 off boots sparks voucher (and could put in £20 is) and would like some calf/knee brown flattish boots. I've seen a couple on the. M&S website but wondered if they're any good.

Kennington Thu 13-Oct-16 22:13:29

Yes both leather and non leather heals are comfy and great and I buy doubles of nice designs.
I do live in black ankle boots though.

herecomesthsun Fri 14-Oct-16 06:50:34

There are some fur lined ones for £55 I think that looked nice on the website, but I decided not to get them when I saw them in the, um, flesh.

reddotmum Fri 14-Oct-16 12:31:06

I bought some navy wedge heeled ankle boots and I love em.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 14-Oct-16 15:11:51

I tried on some non leather lace up boots and they were soooooooo comfy but , a bit chunky for me.
I put them back................................but I might go back for them.

Comfort is king and I cannot see my own feet when I'm walking about can I ?


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