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Skincare recommendations please for newly diagnosed Rosacea?

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mellowingmm Thu 13-Oct-16 17:16:42


I wanted to ask for advice/tips re: skin care products. I'm 29 & recently been diagnosed with mild rosacea (I have some spidery veins around nose/cheeks & some pimples).

My skin at the moment is problematic - I have combination skin (The classic oily T Zone/dry cheeks) & Have always had quite sensitive skin. I've tried a few different products but I seem to be reacting or I'm just scared I'll react.

There's so much to learn about Rosacea in general - But the forums have been really helpful.

Thank u smile.

QueenofLouisiana Thu 13-Oct-16 22:48:19

I've had rosacea for about 9 years, I've tried lots of stuff and I now use Darphin products. Loads of people swear by la Roche posay, but I found it irritated me.

I have used aqueous cream as a gentle cleanser- using it as a soap- then a gentle moisturiser. That left my skin feeling nice.

Avoid using wipes if you can- they aren't great, also they can irritate your eyes. Make sure you tell you optician about the rosacea as they'all check for ocular rosacea and blepharitis while you are there.

Do you know what triggers yours?

ChickenVindaloo Fri 14-Oct-16 00:42:11

I like Avene for skincare. It's sold in Boots. Huge range online. La Roche Posay also quite good. Look for "hypoallergenic", fragrance free stuff. Dermablend is ideal for make-up.

I'm on prescription finacea (azelaic acid) and it definitely helps my red nose!

Use SPF. Don't smoke. Don't use hot water. Be gentle to your skin.

miffy29 Fri 14-Oct-16 00:56:57

Clinique Redness Solutions. The Daily Relief Cream has kept mine at bay for years. Worth the vast expense. Don't eat/drink to the point when you're flushed (v hard to maintain).

mellowingmm Fri 14-Oct-16 02:33:21

Thanks - I tried La Roche Posey too but found their stuff irritated me (Sadly!). Or seemed to give me more pimples/whiteheads.

Tangfastics Fri 14-Oct-16 02:50:31

My dermatologist recommended aveeno for my rosacea.

mellowingmm Fri 14-Oct-16 12:45:55

I'm still trying work out triggers, I don't seem to flush but my cheeks will burn or tingle. Is that normal?

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