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Can someone help me find this dress please?

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Dancergirl Wed 12-Oct-16 20:27:18

I saw someone wearing a lovely dress. It was shift style with short-ish sleeves (half way between shoulder and elbow). Lovely rich deep green colour, a bit lighter and brighter than bottle green. Quite short length and it had a deep V neckline.

Any ideas??

buddhasbelly Wed 12-Oct-16 20:34:18

buddhasbelly Wed 12-Oct-16 20:35:29

Trying to get a sort of ide as to how far off that it is OP - sorry if it's nothing like what you are looking for!

And thank you by the way, I need a distraction tonight and I like a good dress hunt!

buddhasbelly Wed 12-Oct-16 20:38:56

This but wrong shade of green me thinks - the quest will continue!

Dancergirl Wed 12-Oct-16 23:08:24

It's more the shade of green in the second one. But much shorter length - mid thigh.

Lucked Wed 12-Oct-16 23:16:19

too long I think but topshop have quite a few green dresses.

Dancergirl Wed 12-Oct-16 23:18:26

It didn't look like Top Shop.

No wrapping at all, just a fitted shift style with a deep v-neck.

Rollerbird Thu 13-Oct-16 06:47:58

Not this then?¤cyid=1&gclid=Cj0KEQjwvve_BRDmg9Kt9ufO15EBEiQAKoc6qvvUt5MnrL2M-zUfxEXfsx2YXXj3j5reUuT0zCuvc7IaAtI58P8HAQ

GruffaloPants Thu 13-Oct-16 06:56:27

Warehouse have something similar.

Pantsalive Thu 13-Oct-16 12:05:31


Dancergirl Thu 13-Oct-16 22:46:21

Nope sorry pants it was more of a wintery green.

ZaZathecat Thu 13-Oct-16 23:46:32


PerspicaciaTick Fri 14-Oct-16 00:04:50

Phase Eight?

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