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Giving up on jeans as too many holey tops, what are my alternatives?

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ChoccyJules Wed 12-Oct-16 20:20:08

I know the 'holes in my tops, is it my jeans, the worktop or the universe?' question has been done to death on here so this isn't about that.

I have decided that it is a combination of jeans or jean-look shorts, ie the fastening or the tough fabric by the zip, plus my post-baby, post-cancer midriff, which due to various medical complications is not going away. It has cost me a small fortune in nice tops. On my days off, when I want to wear jeans, I actively choose the next oldest top in my wardrobe as I know that come tea time it will look like I have gone three rounds with an angry moth and be destined for the (very cosy) cat basket.

So my question is, which trousers can I wear which are softer and kinder in their fastening area? I am 45 and size 16/18, mostly 18 for bottoms. 5 foot 5. I wear dresses, leggings and boots for work. Long skirts or harem trousers and T shirts in the summer. I am not very trendy, I buy what fits me and hopefully it sometimes also looks good (eg I have had nice comments at work about a Seasalt dress). One day I hope to be a size 16 (let's not kid ouselves it will get any better than that) but I buy clothes for now. Just to give you a feel for me.

I just looked at Seasalt trousers and they all seemed to have jean-style buttons which I am wary of. I also realised I haven't bought a pair of non-jeans or leggings in over a decade! I love nice tops and want to be able to wear them again. Help me :-)

CruCru Wed 12-Oct-16 20:38:59

Do you like these OP?

I am a size 18/20 (mainly due to my huge stomach) and I find these very comfortable.

ILoveMyMonkey Wed 12-Oct-16 20:43:53

You could try a bump band type thing (I use an old boob tube in white and another in black) worn around your belt / top of your jeans - it protects your tops and looks like an extra layer worn under your top. In winter I wear a lycra vest under my tops and this seems to stop the holage occurring as well.

JuneFromBethesda Wed 12-Oct-16 21:15:49

I just bought these - in both charcoal and black - and they're great. Soft and comfortable, neither skinny nor wide, just a simple classic shape. The black in particular you could dress up for an evening out or dress down for anything else.

I've not had the holey top problem so I don't know whether these would avoid it, but the button at the top seems fairly unobtrusive to me.

ChoccyJules Wed 12-Oct-16 21:31:10

Am a bit squee to be shown links to shops I would consider too young, trendy and slim for me!

But anyway, have never had any jeggings, I have always seen them as too figure-hugging and would feel the need to cover them up with a dress or tunic as I do leggings. I'm not a fan of seeing a defined or saggy crotch area, I guess, hence I lean to more fabric/tailoring at the front, which then creates the holey issues. Do we wear them with normal length tee shirts and blouses? As a size 18?
The ones from Gap remind me of yoga pant fabric, are they more formal than this?
Boob tube idea makes sense. Need to rummage in wardrobe. Think I got rid of the elasticated bandage thing I got from maternity physio when I had SPD, that would have worked!

CleopatraCominAtcha Wed 12-Oct-16 21:31:13

I've got the Monsoon Gilly trousers which pull on, nice thick waistband, straight leg, smart enough for the office and just two small zipped pockets at the front. Navy or black. Might be worth a punt if you can find a Monsoon shop - they are closing a lot of stores at the moment.

burnishedsilver Wed 12-Oct-16 21:33:48

Trousers with a side zip should solve the problem. They are hard to find but are very flattering.

ChoccyJules Wed 12-Oct-16 21:36:41

Quite drawn to those jeggings.

ChoccyJules Wed 12-Oct-16 21:37:42

I get my summer hareem trousers from Monsoon (in there am a 16!) So will have a look, thanks

CruCru Wed 12-Oct-16 21:50:42

The jeggings are really comfy. And I am not thin.

WetsTheFinger Wed 12-Oct-16 21:52:23

I have never heard of jeans causing holey tops! Is this a well known side effect?

ChoccyJules Wed 12-Oct-16 22:01:04

crucru normal length tops too?

burnishedsilver Wed 12-Oct-16 22:19:20

In my case it's definately the belt, not the jeans.

ChoccyJules Wed 12-Oct-16 22:39:09

wets here is one of the myriad threads on this annoying phenomenon:

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