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Where is the 'warm, waterproof, bum-coverer coat' thread this year?

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Beckadillo Wed 12-Oct-16 10:57:58

I finally really do need one (moving to the coast soon) and remember seeing excellent advice here before. Have I missed the thread, or is this a fallow year..?

nannyplumislostinspace Wed 12-Oct-16 11:02:25

I've been waiting for this too! Thinking about getting the woolrich artic parka but it's a lot to spend and I'm worrying that it won't be waterproof!

Beckadillo Wed 12-Oct-16 11:10:51

Might have to make do with this one in the meantime... that woolrich coat looks incredible, but I'm struggling to justify the ~£180 Didriksons price tags, so had to quickly close the tab before I got a proper look at the woolrich!

MidnightSheep Wed 12-Oct-16 11:27:08

Sorry but I fail to see how something with genuine coyote fur is amazing. Surely an equivalent is available without resorting to using real fur?

And whilst the Woolrich parkalooks a nice shape/cut I'm not sure it is necessary for a British winter........seems a bit OTT for the weather we get (will probably be eating my words soon when I'm out in all weathers walking MidnightPup).

Will watch this thread with interest as I need a decent waterproof coat though smile

Beckadillo Wed 12-Oct-16 11:57:39

Coyote fur, really? Well than that's definitely my reason for not buying one, not the squillion-pound price tag.

Shall do some surreptitious Didriksons surfing later, as 3DSs allow...

burnishedsilver Wed 12-Oct-16 12:05:05

I've been looking at didricksons. A lot of them seem to be for arctic conditions. I'm concerned about making a big financial outlay for a coat I might only be able to wear 2 weeks a year. Didricksons owners, do you overheat in them?

PickAChew Wed 12-Oct-16 12:18:22

I don't know how much time you spend outdoors, midnight, or where in this country you are, but we most definitely have the odd winter that requires a serious coat (though definitely preferably without any coyote fur, whatsoever).

My berghaus Ancroft parka performed well, last year, though I've supplemented it with a lighter Seasalt jobby, his year, as it's definitely a proper winter rather than Autumn or shopping coat. It's quite heavily reduced, this year, as last year's model. Only have 14 and 16 at this place, mind and their sizing is generous, so no good if you happen to be petite.
This is my not so cold weather . Not heavy (pleasantly so) and probably no good below freezing, without a jumper, but the fleece lined body definitely keeps the chill out.

ChessieFL Wed 12-Oct-16 12:20:30

I love my Seasalt Janelle coat. It's very warm and cosy and comes down to my knees! Can't wait until it's cold enough to wear it again.

CoconutAmericano Wed 12-Oct-16 13:02:38

I second the sea salt Janelle. If you are tall you will appreciate the length. Its light but toasty warm. I walk to work so am exposed to the elements quite a bit. Honestly its the best money I've ever spent on a coat

starfleet Wed 12-Oct-16 13:11:59

The Woolrich arctic parka is waterproof.

It is very very warm - so much so that I usually end up sweating buckets when I have it on. I only wore it a couple of times last year. Mine was bought in the states so paid far less that I would if I'd bought it here.

Laquila Wed 12-Oct-16 13:17:30

I wear my Didriksons Taylor parka from November to March every single year, at least. I bloody love it! It's warm but not overly so, -crucially it's breathable - I never get hot and sweaty in it, and most importantly it's very waterproof. God I love that coat.

YvaineStormhold Wed 12-Oct-16 13:18:31

I got this in black yesterday

Paddingtonthebear Wed 12-Oct-16 13:28:31

If you are short/petite the Scandinavian brands will probably be too big for you on arms etc.

I love my Jack Wolfskin 5th Avenue coat. Warm, waterproof and actually not frumpy on

MinnieMinchkin Wed 12-Oct-16 13:30:18

I live on NE coast and am comfortable in my Didrikson from October to June (yes, June). May need extra layers in Jan / Feb.

Ujjayi Wed 12-Oct-16 14:29:59

I was worried about having a coat which you only use for 2 weeks a year too so I bought the Didrikson's Siv coat in navy. It's warm & windproof but isn't padded. I do wear layers beneath on very cold days but this suits me rather than a bulky coat.

Alwaysinahurrynow Wed 12-Oct-16 14:33:51

Was thinking about starting a similar thread as just had my third son and DH is going to buy me a waterproof coat and waterproof boots...had been looking at didriksons as got soaked regularly on pick-ups last winter.

spiderlight Wed 12-Oct-16 14:34:04

I have a slightly older version of this which is fab - really, properly waterproof and warm without being bulky.

choppolata Wed 12-Oct-16 14:38:07

Another vote for Seasalt Janelle. I commute by train from a frrrreeezing cold station and because the coat is long at the back I can sit on cold wet benches at the train station without getting a cold wet bum! Once on the train the coat is light and easy to bundle into a bag or onto the luggage rack.

FashionFiend Wed 12-Oct-16 14:50:48

Hoping to find the same kind of coat OP! My Didriksons Taylor was very warm and stylish looking but then after a few washes it faded really badly. I wouldn't buy a didriksons coat again. The Woolrich parkas look beautiful but they're so expensive. There must be another brand similar in price to didriksons which is warm, stylish and will last for years??

Statelychangers Wed 12-Oct-16 15:12:25

I'd love a Woolrich coat but I have a North Face Arctic is not a thing of beauty but it keeps me warm and dry in the most miserable of weather when looking good is a secondary consideration....I have a slightly more flattering down filled coat for less wintery days and tailored wool coats for Autumn and Spring.

nannyplumislostinspace Wed 12-Oct-16 15:32:34

Didn't clock that it was real fur. Back to the search then!

MidnightSheep Wed 12-Oct-16 16:01:21

Pickachew - I work in Sheffield - officially the coldest city on the planet! I shall be spending more time in the great outdoors once MidnightPup can go out and have a. 3in 1 waterproof jacket for that. Even when we have had knee deep snow I've never had to resort to anything more than what the average rambler/hiker would have!

NannyPlum - glad you didn't want a real fur trim

wiltedcabbage Wed 12-Oct-16 18:27:20

I got one of these after they were mentioned on here a year or so ago. Sadly only left in red on the site now but reduced really well...mine is green and it's served me well on many a school run and dog walk.

Beckadillo Wed 12-Oct-16 19:15:53

FashionFiend what a shame about your Didrikson, had thought their Taylor coat looked perfect. how often did you wash it? Am not a frequent coat-washer myself, but then most of my coats are woolly and forgiving...

Janelle-lovers, what's the sizing like? Have found a website that has them with 15% off, but without the customary Seasalt free delivery and returns, so would like to get it right first time. I'm usually a 10 and 12 for Seasalt, so imagine a 12 would suit as I do like a nice chunky jumper in the winter.

wiltedcabbage I like red! If I don't get the red Janelle I might get that one as a cheeky extra grin

80sWaistcoat Wed 12-Oct-16 19:23:00

North face Suzanne triclimatte. Works with boobs, bum coverage, hood that stays up. Completely wAterproof and warm. Goes in at waist. Mines lasted 3 years and still looks great, worn for about 9 months solid when had awful wEather and no summer two years ago.

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