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White trainers and winter tights - help!

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JRoo Tue 11-Oct-16 21:23:12

Own lovely comfy white Stan Smiths and have recently bought grey pleated midi skirt. All was well until the weather turned chilly. Are there any tights out there that will make these work together? Opaques? Bare legs? American tan?!!! Or do I need new trainers? TIA.

rightknockered Wed 12-Oct-16 11:50:38

I wear black opaques with white Stans.
Although today I'm wearing black Nike Air Max. I don't think they look better. My white Stans look good if I'm wearing a camel coloured trench or my long camel cardigan. I've seen someone wearing them with an all black ensemble before and they did look good.

BrillianaHarvey Wed 12-Oct-16 12:19:05

Watching with interest as I am in a similar quandary. Would tights with a bit of wool content look better?

SapphireStrange Wed 12-Oct-16 12:20:48

Black opaques are fine; a bit 90s but there's nothing wrong with that! that dates me

I'm facing a similar dilemma and am thinking about trying them with the footless tights I have with a wide cuff at the bottom –sort of making a feature of the fact I'm wearing tights.

It will be too cold for really cold weather, but will hopefully be OK for a bit.

BlairWaldorfLovesShopping Wed 12-Oct-16 12:53:00

I opened the thread ready to say that opaques should work fine as long as the trainers are Stans grin

See here and here, they look great imo. I've been meaning to try my Stans with black tights and a tube dress and biker jacket.

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