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New look teen range?

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OhFuckOff Tue 11-Oct-16 14:27:07

I've just ordered the bottle green cord skirt for 6.99 (there's a 30% promo code for new customers). Age 15 would you say is similar to a size 8? I'm only 5ft 2 so hoping I've had a bargain smile

DibbySound Tue 11-Oct-16 14:36:12

Yep should be fine. I'm size 8 and have some lovely black sparkly shorts from New Look in age 14. They were only £7 too.

LAmusic Tue 11-Oct-16 14:39:12

Yup should be fine. I'm an 8 and can fit into age 14 jeans ( they do get a bit tight if I eat too much though wink)

OhFuckOff Tue 11-Oct-16 14:59:51

Thanks everyone smile

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