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Do you think there comes a point where jeans just don't work ?

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Pisssssedofff Tue 11-Oct-16 13:31:16

I'm a size 10/12 sick to death of buying jeans in all shapes and sizes that don't do anything for me.
Am goi g to try leather leggings which frankly I'll be buried in at that price if they are keepers, but I think me and jeans are done

Nepotism Tue 11-Oct-16 15:38:27

I'm the same size as you and I've found it's got harder to find decent, hard wearing, non sagging well fitting jeans. I think maybe you get what you pay for and I'm trying to get them from the cheaper end of the spectrum. It is almost as soul destroying as trying to buy a bra that fits well!

JenLindleyShitMom Tue 11-Oct-16 15:42:02

Following. My favourite most comfortable pair of jeans are falling apart. I can only wear them if I want to look like a teenager as they have a ripped knee (through wear!) and the back pocket has worn through at the corners from where my phone sits.

Pisssssedofff Tue 11-Oct-16 16:12:01

I've just got a pair of next super soft pro modal high rise skinny with 4 way stretch. I'll report back, at £38 I don't consider them cheap tbh. I really didn't get on with the m&s jeggins at all though last winter.

rightknockered Tue 11-Oct-16 16:27:18

I've stopped buying jeans with lycra in, due to the sagging problem. I wear vintage Levis mainly. Much better

MsHybridFanGirl Tue 11-Oct-16 16:56:02

Recently lost over a stone in weight and looked forward to buying new jeans as I've gone down two dress sizes.
But they all look horrible or don't fit properly . . I want high waisted comfy skinny jeans with very slim ankle.
Topshop Joni were so tight, M&S looked rubbish and so did New Look. Can't find any nice ones in Gap.
Currently wearing cheapies from Matalan

MixedUpConfusion Tue 11-Oct-16 18:02:55

I stopped wearing jeans altogether about 4 years ago, I no longer looked good in them! I don't own a single pair these days

AuntieStella Tue 11-Oct-16 18:10:05

" I want high waisted comfy skinny jeans with very slim ankle "

Try Uniqlo - their super skinny says it's medium rise, but it's only just below natural waist.

Always worth keeping an eye on Sainsburys (who seem to to the best of supermarket jeans)

timeforachangeithink Tue 11-Oct-16 18:11:58

Sainsburys jeans are brilliant.

SpiritedLondon Tue 11-Oct-16 18:59:04

I don't really think there's an age but I think the right cut is important. I'm an hourglass shape and have a pretty difficult time finding the right fit. I've got some old school Levi's ( no idea which one) which fit really brilliantly around the waist and bum but are a little too long in the leg to be fashionable at the moment. I've also found some wranglers the other day which I'd forgotten I even had. ( same problem though). I shall keep hold of them though. I think the answer is to head to a specialist jeans shop or large department store ( not on a Saturday) and announce that you're not leaving til they've found you a pair that fits. I did this once in Selfridges and did walk out of there with a pair but I tried a LOT on. I don't really know about good brands though... I would have thought with your size you could try any brand. As a size 16 I'm much more limited. I know that NYDJ are supposed to fit well but may not be trendy enough for you.

OCSockOrphanage Tue 11-Oct-16 20:07:42

I must be lucky. I can find jeans to fit nicely almost anywhere. Just bought a double thickness pair from the men's section at Go Outdoors, which were a third of the price of the last two pairs I bought, winter weight for dog walking, and look similar to the posh German brand I like best. But you do have to try things on randomly sometimes. Sticking rigidly to familiar names is not the route to finding unsung gems.

FeliciaJollygoodfellow Tue 11-Oct-16 20:16:19

I really don't know where you're going wrong tbh. I love jeans, I find it so much easier to buy them nowadays that there is so much more choice! Back when I was a teenager I couldn't find a pair of jeans that would fit me both at the waist and through the arse and thighs.

I really like Zara jeans and they have loads of different styles. High, mid and low rise, loads of colours. Don't think over £29.99 (and I think I tried on every pair in my size on Saturday!).

I do agree that it's luck of the draw whether you get a pair that bag and sag at the knees quickly (obviously talking about skinny fit here) but they're normally the super cheap ones. Having said that, even my old Primark ones were ok until they were worn to death.

PNGirl Tue 11-Oct-16 20:32:50

Topshop Jamie are good skinnies. They don't last more than about 6 months of heavy wear though; mine wore through at the thighs.

Levis and Gap are my go-to but I've had success in New Look. Minimum spend of 25 quid applies in my book for them to look decent and 40 quid and up are better still.

mumobsessedwithdamp Wed 12-Oct-16 07:54:58

Second uniqlo - they tick all your boxes OP

Itsautumn Wed 12-Oct-16 08:15:07

I recently bought some high waisted skinnies from Sainsbury's and they are a great fit. I struggle to find jeans I don't have to pull up every 5 seconds and I don't have that problem with them.

Mymouthgetsmeintrouble Wed 12-Oct-16 08:23:19

Have you tried the asda wonderfit jeans they fit me great and are only £20 however the black ones do fade fast

Yakari Wed 12-Oct-16 08:26:28

I think part of the problem with the obsession with skinny jeans is the added Lycra or 'softness' to avoid them being uncomfortable means they loose shape quickly.
Like others I find old school jeans worked much better - my Gap long and lean jeans are almost ten years old and still incredible but look best in the summer with mules due to bootleg cut.
I also like their boyfriend cut but sized down a couple of inches on the waist - comfortable but not too baggy, I also think these are by far the most flattering on my size 12/little bit flabby body!
For skinnies I have some high waisted ones from H&M which wear well but when I thought about it I realise I save these for more dressed up like nights out or smarter casual day wear.

Trills Wed 12-Oct-16 08:38:39

If you really really want some jeans, and you are able to invest time and money, go to Selfridge's and get a jeans consultation.

They will find you jeans that cost 5x what's been recommended here.

Every time you wear them you will feel great.

People will say "you look great".

It will be fantastic.

But bloody expensive.

Trills Wed 12-Oct-16 08:41:30

I was so sad when Gap discontinued Long & Lean...

poppym12 Wed 12-Oct-16 08:57:37

Only ones I feel OK in are gap original boyfriend. they're not skinny and they have no bloody annoying stretch.

ooodly Wed 12-Oct-16 09:34:49

You are my people. I am sick of bloody jeans.

I've put on weight which I can't be arsed to lose after DC2. I carry ALL my weight around my hips and tummy. I have comparatively skinny legs.

I need jeans which have a medium / high rise to tuck in my fat bits, but I need a PROPER skinny leg. I mean skinny to the ankle, not ones that fit around the leg and then bag out at the bottom.

If I find jeans which fit around the waist and hips, they sag on my legs. The only jeans in the world that do not do this are Dorothy Perkins Eden jeggings and Topshop Leigh.

However, I hate the Eden waistband and their quality is decreasing. Topshop seem to have done something funny with the sizing of their Leigh jeans and made them smaller. So I'm clinging on to my current pair, praying they don't wear out.


ooodly Wed 12-Oct-16 09:35:57

pisssssed I fondled a pair of the 4 way stretch jeans in Next yesterday. Very interested to hear what you think of them.

Pisssssedofff Wed 12-Oct-16 10:15:43

I love them ooodly. Am hoping there are more colours available, the blacks very nice though. So far so good although I must admit I haven't washed them yet

HalfStar Wed 12-Oct-16 10:20:55

Watching with interest. I have the added issue that I'm 5'2 so need petite sizes/ short lengts. I'm currently wearing a pair of these, got a few days ago:

Jury's still out. They feel like good quality - not too thin and stretchy - but not hugely comfy around the waist (though perhaps they're a bit on the small size). I'd like it if they were a slightly more cropped ankle too. But overall OK.

Have had success in the past with Maje, River Island (try the Molly jegging), and some Topshop. Style-wise, my favourite high waist true skinny jeans are ASOS Ridley, but the quality ain't great, they go thin and stretchy.

But I'm starting to feel a bit trapped in jeans tbh. My legs sigh with relief when I put on joggers...

HalfStar Wed 12-Oct-16 10:27:48

these look gorgeous but pricey

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