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magical hair thickening product?

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notagiraffe Tue 11-Oct-16 08:40:17

There was a thread a few months ago, maybe here or maybe in Menopause, about what to do with thinning hair. Lots of people came on to recommend the same product but I can't remember what it was. Just searched for the thread but can't find it. Does anyone know what the magical This Really Works hair thickening product is? (Not looking for things that appear to add volume such as BBH, but an actual shampoo.)


OhFuckOff Tue 11-Oct-16 08:52:38

Ooh following, my hair is very thin I use a powder that you run through with your hands called got2b.

Jointhejoyrun75 Tue 11-Oct-16 09:08:14

Was it Nioxin shampoo? It is meant to be good for stimulating the scalp and thickening hair.

notagiraffe Tue 11-Oct-16 11:40:51

Thank Join. I don't think so, because my memory is that it was some brand I'd heard of, because I remember thinking: oh good, that will be easy to find in Boots. But there were also people saying 'don't bother with [another brand I've heard of] - it doesn't work. So I want to get hold of the one loads of people said was brilliant.

OhFuck - I saw that mentioned on another thread. Sounds good. but this shampoo sort of coats each hair with a layer of something so that each individual hair is thicker. it sounded amazing. Really want to try it. shouldn't procrastinate. Should have got it then

NotAUserNumberSoNotATroll Tue 11-Oct-16 11:44:08

Try label.m thickening cream

Jointhejoyrun75 Tue 11-Oct-16 12:02:23

L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology (whole range) is another one and definitely from Boots!

Talisin Tue 11-Oct-16 13:45:54

John Frieda 7 Day Volume, perhaps? It does not last 7 days but it does work.

LaCerbiatta Tue 11-Oct-16 13:55:59

I recommended a dove one on that threadsmile

notagiraffe Tue 11-Oct-16 19:54:53

Cerbiatta - do you remember where the thread was? I really want to find it. And thanks.

Jointhejoy - that might have been it! That was definitely mentioned.

notagiraffe Tue 11-Oct-16 19:55:34

Talisin, thanks. That one rings a bell too, though I have a feeling it was the L'Oreal.

GeorgeTheThird Tue 11-Oct-16 19:58:44

Might it have been Alpecin?

Piffpaffpoff Tue 11-Oct-16 20:12:05

I cycle between Elvive Fibrology and Aussie Volume. I also use an Elnett volumising blowdry spray - can't remember its actual name but it's in a gold bottle with black spray pump head. All have delivered really good results for me.

notagiraffe Wed 12-Oct-16 10:25:24

George, I don't think so as I use Alpecin for the DC sometimes. They like the caffeine one, so I'd have remembered it. It was a household name brand I knew but had never used. Think it's Elvive Fibrology. Going to try that.

OhFuckOff Wed 12-Oct-16 10:30:11

I'm going to try that elvive one too smile

Ujjayi Wed 12-Oct-16 14:37:21

Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme used once a week has transformed my hair. It was thinning, dry and prone to breakage. One of the key ingredients is castor oil which has been traditionally used to improve hair health. I did try just castor oil on its own but found it too thick and hard to wash out.

I leave Elasticizer on overnight but you can do just a 20 minute treatment. My hair is thicker and stronger. It is expensive but worth it. You don't use much per treatment. I also use Redken Extreme Shampoo & conditioner.

notagiraffe Wed 12-Oct-16 22:08:54

Ooh, Ujjayi - that's a really good recommendation. Can you get it at Boots?

Footle Wed 12-Oct-16 22:13:59

Haven't used it , ridiculous price, but Aveda's Invati stuff is all about thickening. Could that be the one you remember ?

OhFuckOff Thu 13-Oct-16 07:00:51

Well I washed my hair last night with the elvive and it's still swishy this morning! Definitely have noticed an improvement smile

SlinkyVagabond Thu 13-Oct-16 07:22:08

The aveda is frankly pants. Fibrology did nothing for me either.

user1066 Thu 13-Oct-16 07:53:54

Anyone tried SWELL ? Am tempted, but wondered if it is all hype.

OhFuckOff Thu 13-Oct-16 07:54:33

My hair is only half way down my neck so unsure if that makes a difference?

GertrudeBelle Thu 13-Oct-16 07:55:38

The Aveda stuff is awful - it's "active ingredient" is something like turmeric hmm and leaves you smelling like you've rubbed curry in your hair. Does nothing for thickness either.

The Philip Kingsley elastasizer is just like conditioner and made no difference to my hair. Is also pricey.

NiteFlights Thu 13-Oct-16 09:37:50

Elvive Fibroloy and John Frieda 7 day volume. I've tried the new Fibrology Air conditioner and it is rubbish so I would recommend sticking with the original one. You have to use conditioner, I don't think the shampoo is great for the hair - but it has a definite thickening effect.

NiteFlights Thu 13-Oct-16 09:38:27


Shiningexample Thu 13-Oct-16 09:59:19

Crimp the roots

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