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Name and Shame

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hollyisalovelyname Mon 10-Oct-16 20:55:48

Hard eye pencils- I'm looking at you Dr. Hauschka !!!
Now why can't you be like Mac, No. 7 and Urban Decay....lovely soft eye pencils.

Nabootique Tue 11-Oct-16 08:50:04

Ooh, are we just naming shit products? This is a great idea for a thread! I don't know why people haven't jumped on it yet.

Sticking with the eye pencil theme: Body Shop, yours are a load of rubbish. I bought that beautiful deep purple one and it had disappeared not one hour after application! Same thing with the others I have, including the black!

botemp Tue 11-Oct-16 09:06:43

If we're sticking to eyes, the Charlotte Tilbury Feline Flick pen doesn't even last 15 minutes before disintegrating... it's utter pants.

The Givenchy Teint Couture Balm I liked initially but after a while became more and more difficult to work with, something is really off with the formulation. I hate it now sad

Itsnottheendoftheworld Tue 11-Oct-16 17:38:07

Eye pencils always slide off me. Apart from estee Lauder gel pot eyeliner with a little brush. It's not the same I much prefer to use a pencil.
Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream was a bit disappointing. But maybe it's because it was so hyped up I expected magical results.

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