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Had my colours done today.....

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Beetlecrusher Mon 10-Oct-16 17:34:44

It was interesting. Not a full-blown consultation, more of a mini one as part of a personal shopper trip. I'm an autumn, which means I've never been too far off with the colours I tend to choose for clothes.

Worth paying for a full consultation? Not sure it's worth it if I was already on the right lines with colours I like to wear. What would they add?

bunnybleu Mon 10-Oct-16 18:15:45

I had mine done by House of Colour years ago, they will not only tell you what your colours are but give each one a rating as you suit head to toe in some more than others which may suit you better as an accent colour. They also work out your clothing 'personality' which helps identify style, patterns, lengths, accessories etc.

I found it really interesting and still stick to my colours and it helped me work out what suits me, so I suppose if you're happy enough knowing which colours suit you then there's no need to go any further with it.

The Vivienne Files blog is fab for colour combo ideas and wardrobes if you want some inspiration!

newtothenet Mon 10-Oct-16 22:00:34

House of colour is amazing! I can't rate it highly enough and it has completely changed my shopping habits (also autumn).

feetheart Tue 11-Oct-16 10:31:37

I had mine done yesterday and I'm an autumn too, autumn leaf apparently - all the rich, darker colours looked amazing (and I loved them)
Only did the colour analysis bit which confirmed some things I already knew and that I mostly get right but introduced other colours that I would never have thought about. There was a bit about make-up too which I rarely wear that got me thinking, and investing in a lippy or two!
Now I need to go through my wardrobe and then have the confidence to go shopping which I usually hate.
Should be working but may just have a look at that blog first smile

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