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Dark under eye circles

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DrinkFeckArseGirls Mon 10-Oct-16 09:49:55

I'm posting it here for more traffic as I reckon it's more of a health issue! Started going to bed at 10ish, no drink, lots of water - every morning my eyes are very tired. It hsnt been always like that somit's not a questions of "this is how I look". What could it be? Allergy??? Or should I start going to bed at 8pm as 10ish might not be enough. No idea what to do, I look gaunt and knackered. Had my bloods taken and all results are bang on in the middle, I have a very "good" diet, cook from scratch, no sugar, etc... Any ideas?

DrinkFeckArseGirls Mon 10-Oct-16 13:39:10

No idea thengrin

Jmangel Mon 10-Oct-16 18:00:43

Have you had a recent cold with sinus infection? Have you tried doing some lymph drainage facial massage - Google YouTube for demos.
Worth getting allergy tested? Mine get worse if I eat gluten.
Try sleeping on 3 pillows propped up and in the morning do the lymph massage followed by ice cold splashes of water. Are they just dark or puffy or both?

PollyPerky Mon 10-Oct-16 18:35:09

Have they just come or always been like that?

Sometimes there is nothing wrong- it's just your skin colour.

I have them , my mum has them and now adult DD has them. DD asked a consultant dermo who was treating her for something else, and the answer was that as we/she has very fair skin it's almost translucent, the skin is thin and that's why you can see all the blue etc under it.

Concealer is my friend.

ShotgunNotDoingThePans Mon 10-Oct-16 18:53:14

I also have fair skin and deepset eyes with a high nose bridge (gawjus, me). This particular set of assets means I will always have purple tinged eye circles, no matter what I do. Been the case since I was 13.
DD (18) has them as well, although not as pronounced as her eyes are less cavernous.
Concealer is the way to go.

burnishedsilver Mon 10-Oct-16 19:07:08

My eyes are like that when I'm low in iron. 'Low' can be on the lower end of the normal range. Did your gp give you the actual results of your bloods or just say they were fine?

Kennington Mon 10-Oct-16 22:03:49

Agree with burnished: I am anaemic a fair bit and it really shows around my eyes. Could be worth eating a few steaks and getting it checked out.

DrinkFeckArseGirls Wed 12-Oct-16 21:15:27

Sorry - didnt' think any one was going to reply!

I have the blood results and they're bang on in the middle for everything from thyroid to iron, B12, blood count. I do take iron supplement (the heavy duty one) and the result was good too. I used to have very low iron so that's constantly under observation - after pregnancy I seem to have stopped absorbing it and I eat steak, spinach, livers on pretty regular basis. Anyway - I used to have really low iron and did npot have the dark circles so don't think that's the case atm.

I'll try the lymph massage - after I google it first grin

I've always had darkish circles but now I look like a fecking zombie.

DrinkFeckArseGirls Wed 12-Oct-16 21:16:22

They're just dark - sunken (?). I suspect allergy tbh - I have bought a new mattress and covers for pillows.

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