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What shape handbag do you have?

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GinAndOnIt Mon 10-Oct-16 08:15:47

I am currently using what can only be described as a fabric carrier bag, and I think it's maybe time to buy a proper handbag.

I've had the one pictured for years, but the shape is actually really not practical at all (for me) and I never use it.

The only time a handbag really gets used by me is in the supermarket - so a bag with enough extra space to fit a few items if I'm only popping in and don't take a spare carrier bag in, or to have it flung over my shoulder while I do a big shop. The rest of the time it's either sat in the car, or hung up at home.

So I think I want a long, thin bag rather than a wide one IYSWIM - but I much prefer the look of a wide one when I'm bag hunting, and can't get excited about a long one.

What bag do you use that you find really practical?

If it helps, in my bag I would normally have a book, a jumper, a big purse and a coin purse, a dog lead and keys.

HolgerDanske Mon 10-Oct-16 08:58:08

It sounds like you need a tote bag.

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