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Good quality materials

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Cookies77 Sun 09-Oct-16 19:50:04

Evening all! I've been re-reading the 'how to look expensive' thread (god I love that thread!) and it's inspired me to declutter my wardrobe and invest in some new, good quality peices of clothing. But my question is, which materials/mixes are 'good quality'? What should I be looking for? What should I avoid? I want to buy things that can withstand lots of washing without going bobbly/losing its shape/looking naff after a few weeks. Please educate me! Thanks in advance grin

chanie44 Sun 09-Oct-16 19:55:13

The consensus on S&B tends to be about natural fibres, like cotton, silk, wool, linen etc. natural fabrics are difficult to find on the high street, as there is so much polyester.

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