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Knee high boots for short slim legs

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anotherglassofred Sun 09-Oct-16 09:54:17

I have been trying to replace my worn out boots for a couple of years with no success. I have even looked in children's ranges but they don't look right at all. Everything I try the calves are far too wide and the boots usually too long. I am looking for good quality black leather or suede flat or with a small heel that would look good with dresses or skirts. Any advice? I am about 5ft 2.

PNGirl Sun 09-Oct-16 09:59:47 go down to 30cm calf circumference. They give the boot height but worth being careful as some of them are too long for me (5ft 3).

whitesklyer Sun 09-Oct-16 10:33:25

anotherglassofred, I ordered these yesterday. Doubtful they are leather, but they are nice and fitted for slimmer calves. Not too high and have great reviews.

SplatPancake Tue 11-Oct-16 21:32:59

Whiteskyler, I just returned a pair of these this morning. They are a lovely fit, but are very plastic-y looking. I'm not insistent on leather, but I just couldn't be doing with these.

It's a real shame, I thought they'd solve my problems, which are pretty identical to the OPs...

MandyFl0ss Wed 12-Oct-16 06:34:25

I am slightly shorter than you and I have these ones:

They come in slim and medium; I am a size 10 and the slim was too slim but them medium is great and although high, very very comfortable.

They stop below my knees which is great.

burnishedsilver Wed 12-Oct-16 07:33:06

They're kind of hard to find but, lengthwise, mid calf boots are they way to go.

I bought mine last year from ted and muffy. The mid calf boots are knee length on me. You could probably go down a calf size because the part that is intended to cut the widest part of the calf will come up higher on your leg. Mine are a little wider at the top that I expected and I think that the reason why.

Anothernamechanger1 Fri 14-Oct-16 06:39:55

Just came across this and want to bump again! I'm having the same problem op. Every single pair I have to send back as they dig in my knee! I'm trying to find a smart black pair with a heel! Have you had any luck op?

boobyooby Sat 15-Oct-16 09:53:29

Jones Bootmaker do quite a wide of slim fit boots .... I'll be revisiting this year to buy another pair

anotherglassofred Tue 25-Oct-16 13:36:43

I have found these now which are not perfect as still slightly long and a bit of a gap around the calf but much better than anything else I have tried so far. I have tried them on but not bought yet in case I find anything better. Still looking as Ted and Muffy a little out of my price range.

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