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Blinkin' Boden- why put sale items back up in price? (Yes that's you Johnnie)

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PollyPerky Sun 09-Oct-16 07:34:06

I'm afraid I like Boden. I'm middle aged, middle class-ish and middle of the road with clothes. But Boden sales are weird. Last week they had loads of stuff at 40-50% off. I dithered over a jumper which I'd bought then returned, at almost full price, and now had 50% off. It sold out in the size and colour (in the sale) now they have got lots of returns, obviously, and it's just got 20% off again. Why????? (not expecting an answer, just annoyed.)

hiccupgirl Sun 09-Oct-16 07:42:30

This really annoys me too.

I'm also middle aged and like Boden - good quality and they fit me well, but overpriced. It's so irritating that the prices move around all the time. I try and wait and buy with 20% off but then they ether drop the price more or the size and colour I want is out of stock. Or the price suddenly goes back up again when I've got chance to order something. I'd much prefer a stable price with a proper sale tbh.

PollyPerky Sun 09-Oct-16 07:48:25

Agreed. The jumper was at 20% and I bought it but didn't really think it was worth the cost. Returned then on sale with 40 or 50% off. Now back to 20% off. WTF? Either it's a sale or it's not.
I don't buy Boden garish- just basics because it's hard to find things with 100% wool etc - plain trousers etc. And the ease of ordering and returning is so good.

hazelnutlatte Sun 09-Oct-16 07:49:38

I have my eye on a winter coat but refuse to buy anything without at least 20% off. I can usually Google for a code but can get nothing at the moment. I bet if I wait it will be 50% off in the sale in size 6 and 18 only but I really begrudge paying full price for Boden when I know they discount so often.
I did get some lovely kids stuff in the recent sale though. Oh and I'm 35 and half my wardrobe is from Boden - because with small dc I don't have time to go shopping and their petite fit always fits me perfectly.

Littlebee76 Sun 09-Oct-16 07:55:25

Just poking my nose in to say I totally agree, Laura Ashley do exactly the same thing. I ordered some home furnishings one day, the filling dat they took 30% off these items so I had to return everything and reorder at the lower price!

Littlebee76 Sun 09-Oct-16 08:34:47

**following day!
Stupid auto correct!

Bodicea Sun 09-Oct-16 17:10:56

It's all about creating excitement I guess. If they discount further before have arrived I always send an email and they generally honour the new discount. My friend started typing random codes into the code box and got 25% off on a couple of them the other day. I managed to get a jacquard top for £24 with accumulating codes. Love it and was going to order another colour but they are back up £45 or something. Their loss.
I am 35. I don't dress frumpy. I like their plain, quality tops and knits to go with ohervstuff I have bought elsewhere.

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