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Skin and hair woes

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coolpotato Sat 08-Oct-16 19:00:56

So my skin has gone a bit rubbish - I put it down to wearing more makeup now that my summer tan has faded and I'm all peely waally again. But my hair has also changed, it's dreadfully greasy at the roots and lifeless mid length. I feel like I can't wear it down any more cos it looks so meh. I haven't change my shampoo or routine, although I have now to see if I can shake it up a bit. Even when it's freshly washed, I end up using dry shampoo to try to absorb the greasy roots. I do wash everyday - not doing that isn't an option.

I can cope with my crap skin - a. It of roc should see it through but my hair....

What do folks recommend for greasy roots in particular?

NoFucksImAQueen Sat 08-Oct-16 19:56:26

Aren't you supposed to change your shampoo every so often as your hair gets used to the same brand and it becomes less effective? I'm sure I didn't just make that up.
I only condition the ends of my hair not the roots.
Also they say that the more you wash it the more greasy it will get as your scalp will produce more oil to stop it drying out. I know it's hard but try to wash it less and your hair will adjust. I wash mine every third day and it's in really nice condition and doesn't look greasy till wash day. My hairdresser says she only does hers once a week!

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