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Capsule Wardrobe Help - Plus Size

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AnythingConsidered Sat 08-Oct-16 12:53:18

Hi all - I need to some plus size fashion help please.

I have recently had a change of role, which requires me to do a lot of public speaking. I am a 20-24 and would like to update my image (and to give me more confidence in how i feel on stage) and need a smarter wardrobe. Not 'city banker' style but smart, respectful, 'someone who is an expert, confident & good at their job' type wardrobe.

I have looked at the usual Evans, Simply Be, Asos etc, but am not inspired (the materials look/feel cheap & too casual). Anyone recommend any stores/online stores which could help?

Budget is mid-level. l would like to build a capsule wardrobe that I can mix & match. Any ideas?

whoseafraidofnaomiwolf Sat 08-Oct-16 13:19:54

Wow, good for you Anything smile - congrats on your new job role. This place might have some useful ideas? Also check out John Lewis, they have some lovely stuff in your size range.

MrsSchadenfreude Sat 08-Oct-16 13:26:57

Have a look at Boden for dresses and maybe cardigans. Also Monsoon can have some good smart work wear. Simply Be can be really hit or miss. I've had some really good finds there, but also some real disasters.

Windsmoor and Planet can be good for jackets and skirts or trousers - usually in wool or wool blend, rather than the hideous polyester-ness of Evans. Will ponder further!

AnythingConsidered Sat 08-Oct-16 14:00:59

Who's afraid - I didn't realise JL do plus size. Have booked one of their free personal shopper sessions.

Mrs schadenfreude - will checkeep them our. Thank you

polyhymnia Sat 08-Oct-16 14:38:28

Definitely avoid the dreadful Evans. I'd say the same with polyester rich Simply Be on my experience and also 1647 - full of dreadful tent like garments.

I think Boden carefully chosen is your best bet. Much prefer them to specialised plus size retailers.

I used to wear Marina Rinaldi when I worked in an office but they are £££, alas. They are worn by Dawn French, not her own dire 1647 stuff!

A recent thread with a title like 'if you're old and fat' had some good suggestions for retailers, some quite upmarket, not all/ most of which are only for the 'old'so would be worth a look.

AnythingConsidered Sat 08-Oct-16 15:10:00

Thanks Poly - glad you get where I am coming from with the Polyester feel. Will check out Marina Rinaldi website.

Can I ask though does Boden clothes come up small?

AnythingConsidered Sat 08-Oct-16 15:10:21


MrsSchadenfreude Sat 08-Oct-16 15:45:14

I find the Boden sizing a bit mixed - in some stuff, I can go a size smaller, in others, I need to size up. The reviews are helpful, and you can also see what larger sized people say about the clothes. Avoid the "fun" patterns!

You might look at TK Maxx online too. They often have Studio 8 clothes for a fraction of the high street price. Studio 8 is also a bit hit and miss and can be too polyesterish, but worth a look/try. Debenhams stock Studio 8 - I think JL is online only.

This autumn's collections at M & S are also the best I've seen in a long time - good jumpers, good colours. Autograph looks particularly good. I would avoid their online plus collection though, as it is largely of the "polyester tent" variety.

DianaT1969 Sat 08-Oct-16 15:55:13

These from M&S are in size 24. The dress is viscose.
Suede skirt is ££ but would go with lots of tops/boots/shoes/tights.

FinallyHere Sat 08-Oct-16 16:22:35

When I had to wear suits for work, I found Alice who can make outfits to make you feel really special. I throughly recommend her, happy to show you some of the things she has made for me in a PM

As for what I want, I can describe the occasion and she will come up with some designs/fabric and off we go. A bit nerve wracking the first time, but absolutely brilliant results. Every one the perfect style, colour and size for you. Hope you find what works for you

Fletcherl Sat 08-Oct-16 16:28:15

I can recommend English country vintage who would also make for you.

Maverick66 Sat 08-Oct-16 21:05:32

Hi Op
Following web sites are good.

Beige Plus
TK Maxx
just Last Season

albertcampionscat Sat 08-Oct-16 21:11:47

Congratulations! Have you thought about something like toastmasters to practise public speaking?

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