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Painful false lashes. What went wrong??

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NotLostJustSomewhereSafe Sat 08-Oct-16 09:00:28

Ok so I'm not really up on beauty treatments, rarely wear makeup, hair done when it's desperate, in other words very little idea on what's what. Anyway I decided to have false lashes applied to see how long they last, etc. to possibly have it done for my birthday and Christmas. I went to a salon and had them applied. It stung like hell but I figured that's probably normal. The problem is the glue is on my eyelids and it is painful to close my eyes tight, rub my eyes, and when I move in bed if the pillow is slightly against them. I contacted the salon and am having them removed this morning. What I wanted to know is if this is how false lashes feel or did I have a particularly bad job done?

GipsyDanger Sat 08-Oct-16 09:04:14

They were maybe too long. I had one applied with med lashes at the middle and long on the outside. So heavy and uncomfortable. Next time I went for short lashes to the centre and mid length to the corner, perfect.

GizmoFrisby Sat 08-Oct-16 09:04:30

I've had semi permanent lashes before. My eyes stung as she applied them. But she warmed me about that. The glue shouldn't be on your eyelids. I would maybe go back and ask for refund and removal if they are very painful. I've heard stories of losing all your natural lashes due to irritation.

itsbetterthanabox Sat 08-Oct-16 09:04:46

What kind of lashes?

GipsyDanger Sat 08-Oct-16 09:06:05

But yes, if you close your eyes tight you will feel them. Also, you can't just rub your eyes like normal, it will tug on the skin. Be gentle with them

NotLostJustSomewhereSafe Sat 08-Oct-16 09:22:35

Not sure what you'd call them, they are meant to last a week. I wear glasses so they are apparently the shortest but they seem huge!! The glue is sharp and rough underneath which is irritating my lower lash line and it's definitely attached to my blobs!!

Aquamarine70 Sat 08-Oct-16 13:48:24

They sound like individual cluster lashes. They have used to much glue & have stuck them to your skin not the bottom of the eyelash. They should remove easily with lash remover but best to get the salon to do it.

itsbetterthanabox Sun 09-Oct-16 00:29:41

To the skin on the top- your lid? Or on your waterline?
If it's the waterline you can use tweezers just to scrape off and rougher bits that are there very gently.

NotLostJustSomewhereSafe Sun 09-Oct-16 23:25:36

I went back and had them removed. She graciously said she wouldn't charge me for removing them hmm and said to go back in a week or so as she had "found the proper glue now" confused

I think I'll go elsewhere next time!

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