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Recommendations for foundation for acne please?

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99littleducks Sat 08-Oct-16 08:27:04

I desperately need a foundation that doesn't cause a break out! Whatever I use seems to give me mighty red spots the next day sad. I have used bare minerals once at a counter and I didn't have a reaction the next day but I didn't love the finish. Perhaps too sheer and matte a finish?

Any recommendations would be so so appreciated! Anybody tried normal brands like l'oreal or maybelline ones?

wobblywonderwoman Sat 08-Oct-16 08:28:22

I use clinique anti blemish

It is nice and light

99littleducks Sat 08-Oct-16 08:35:03

Thanks wobblywonderwoman. In the past I have found that clinique don't have a frag range of shades for me (olive skin tone) bug will I look into it again.

TeaAndBisquits Sat 08-Oct-16 10:19:56

Have you thought about a powder foundation? Bare Minerals doesn't break my skin out. I'd even go as far to say that it makes my skin look better after a week or so of wearing it.

TeaAndBisquits Sat 08-Oct-16 10:21:14

Sorry! I meant to say the new liquid of theirs.

cactuscalendar Sat 08-Oct-16 10:51:36

Lily lolo! It's mineral powder and doesn't break me out at all. It gives really good coverage without feeling heavy smile

onewhoassociates Sat 08-Oct-16 11:20:21

Don't use the makeup!?

Try listening to nutritional pharmacist Ben Fuchs if you want to consider something effective and totally different to the standard stuff you'll get here.

user1475253854 Sat 08-Oct-16 11:26:42

I am using LRP bb blur at the moment. It's not as much coverage as a foundation so may not be suitable but it isn't breaking me out. And i have very breakout-able skin.

coffeecakemum Sat 08-Oct-16 12:03:24

Vichy dermablend is good. Although I found it hard to get a proper match (Asian skin tone)

MyBreadIsEggy Sat 08-Oct-16 12:06:48

I'm the same as you OP - everyrhing breaks me out sad everything except mineral powders.
I use Bare Minerals original during the summer because I like the "glowy" finish and slightly darker shade that their lightest shade comes in. But then I switch to Lily Lolo mineral powder foundation in autumn/winter as it is more of a matte finish with incredible coverage, and their lightest shade is the only foundation that is genuinely a perfect match to my super-paleness!

Tarrarra Sat 08-Oct-16 12:07:29

I have started using this...

It's good coverage, oil free and doesn't cause me any breakouts.

user1475253854 Sat 08-Oct-16 14:11:01

tarrarra do you use a concealer or primer underneath? If you do which ones do you find work well?

99littleducks Mon 10-Oct-16 06:53:39

Ooh thanks for the replies. I've just started using the LRP products so I will look into the bb cream.

I have wanted to try the Lily lolo one but they don't have a counter near me.

It might look into bare minerals again. Thanks

MyBreadIsEggy Mon 10-Oct-16 07:28:56

99littleducks they don't have a counter anywhere - it's an online retailer. But they do sell generously sized samples for something like £2

99littleducks Mon 10-Oct-16 09:25:23

Oh yeah MyBreadIsEggy I think that's why I looked into it then thought I wouldn't match to the right shade.

MyBreadIsEggy Mon 10-Oct-16 09:57:20

They have a massive range of shades, so you might need a couple of samples to try - personally I think it's well worth it! A full size pot (£13-something) lasts me around 6 months!

katemess12 Mon 10-Oct-16 10:03:48

I have two would NOT recommends:
- Estee Lauder Double Wear (I'd venture a guess that all Estee Lauder ones are the same)
- NARS Sheer Glow

Both of them break me out horrifically, so avoid them.

LunaJuna Mon 10-Oct-16 10:03:52

Watching with interest - I've spent a lot of money on acne skin foundation (Clinique ,Vichy etc) and the only ones that didn't make my skin worse were lillylolo mineral (online) and neutrogena anti blemish foundation (Amazon from US)

katemess12 Mon 10-Oct-16 10:06:01

As for what I would recommend, if you have the budget, Koh Gen Do does amazing foundations. YSL Touche Eclat is great too, but also expensive.

On the less expensive side, Revlon Colourstay is one of my mainstays. I also like the Almay Clear Complexion foundation.

Whosthemummy16 Mon 10-Oct-16 10:11:22

Vichy Derma blend I found was good I would get the powder too though as it transfers.
I've stared to use Paula's choice daily clearing treatment and it's made a huge huge difference to my skin!

WhereAreWeNow Mon 10-Oct-16 10:27:54

I have very reactive/acne prone skin and I get on ok with Revlon Colourstay too.
The LRP BB Blur doesn't cause break outs but I'm not crazy about it (colour too orangey and I don't like that silicony/blur cream finish).
I've just ordered some Laura Mercier Flawless Smooth Fluide foundation. I tried a tester and it didn't seem to cause any reaction and they have 24 shades. I've been checking out a few reviews on Make Up Alley (doing my research before forking out ££!) and everyone seems really positive about it in terms of not causing problems for acne prone skins.

WhereAreWeNow Mon 10-Oct-16 10:28:58

Oh, and Lily Lolo and some Bare Minerals (but not all) are definitely good options if you've got acne. I used to use them but I'm not crazy about the finish (too powdery for me) so I don't use them anymore.

99littleducks Mon 10-Oct-16 20:20:35

Thanks for the replies.

Well interestingly I had my usual Maybelline Powder compact on the other day. I've used it several times before and have always had spots the next day or spots that are already there have become worse.

But this time I didn't react. I did use a different cleanser than what i usually do. I used Lush ultrabland cleanser and lay a hot cloth on my face a couple of times then wiped. (I've never done the hot cloth method before )

So I'm not sure if my cleansing has been wrong all along?! Either way I will try this method again and look into different foundations too.

Glad to hear Paula Choice is suiting you WhostheMummy16 there's so much out there I don't know where to start with cleansing even.

user1475253854 Mon 10-Oct-16 23:36:06

I've started using the cerave cleanser. It's quite basic but non-irritating and non-drying.

ChickenVindaloo Tue 11-Oct-16 00:09:38

I have suffered with hormonal acne.
I use vichy dermablend foundation and concealer stick, with a light dusting of setting powder.
I'm not a fan of longwear or compact/creamy/solid foundations.
Make sure you wash your brushes and avoid sponges.

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