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Beauty boxes - anybody subscribe?

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Thejubremonyatthelibrary Fri 07-Oct-16 21:43:11

I really love the idea of receiving beauty boxes in the post (who wouldn't) but there are so many, i'm not sure which one to sign up to. Article here if you've not heard of them:

I've got a voucher for but I just had a look and didn't fall in love with this month's edit. Any of you subscribe - if so, what do you think?

thisfalseinsight Sat 08-Oct-16 20:22:01

I used to subscribe to Birchbox but after about a year I realised that I had ended up with a basket full of samples (and even some full-sized stuff; they do send those, too) that were all completely unused. I loved getting a box in the mail each month, but I felt like I used so few of the products I got. I'm the kind of person who has fifteen lipsticks that are all virtually the same shade, though, so maybe I should have expected that luck-of-the-draw colours weren't going to work for me (also, sensitive skin, which kind of turns me off using any new skincare just for the heck of it).

If you're adventurous with beauty products, though, you might love it. It really was a lovely little surprise to get my box each month, but for me in the end I felt like it ended up being a waste of money.

0urKid Sun 09-Oct-16 01:03:07

I subscribe to all 3 mentioned in your link. I love them all. My favourite is Look Fantastic though. You get six items (two full sized the others are usually travel size so bit bigger than sample size). You also get a handbag size copy of Marie Claire. Glossybox is good but you get the odd dud item like an item from Primark or similar cheap stuff. More full sizes though. Birchbox is hit and miss. Too many eyeliners and handcreams. In fact that's something I've noticed in all beauty subscriptions. You get a lot of those plus lip liner. I love perfume but rarely get any.

Shop Sun 09-Oct-16 08:57:12

Youbeauty is good, price from £7 to £11, you get to choose a few of the items that are in your box. I really enjoy it.

I had birchbox for 3 months or so and it was rubbish, lots of tiny sizes.

Look incredible seems good as its 5 full sizes every month but I've not tried it.

It's worth watching unboxings on YouTube of the box your interested in to give a feel of what they are like.

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