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Can you train yourself to like heels?

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NoFucksImAQueen Fri 07-Oct-16 20:45:18

I live in flats, mainly as I'm tallish (5"8) so I don't need heels. I always hated my height growing up as well so I think that plays a part.
I struggle to walk in heels but there's so many nice thick heel boots and I really want some. So as above can you train yourself to walk confidently in them and while you're here can you give me your thoughts on these boots?

AgedRelative Fri 07-Oct-16 22:39:29

If I try I end up with shin splints. So I work my funky flats and am a very happy bunny.

yomellamoHelly Fri 07-Oct-16 22:44:51

I think you can. But the trick is to have several different pairs of heels and to keep cycling through them while you adjust. (Said having returned to work after 12 years and in the "knowledge" that I feel much smarter /better presented in a pair of heels.) Guess it can vary from person to person though?

FeliciaJollygoodfellow Fri 07-Oct-16 23:18:17

I think those ones would be ok to adjust to. It's spindly high stilettos that are hard to get used to and hurt!

I don't think I've worn heels larger than that this year. I'm just fed up with them.

Trills Fri 07-Oct-16 23:34:32

You can train yourself to tolerate heels.

Trills Fri 07-Oct-16 23:35:27

I have let my heel-wearing skills lapse but I would like to retrain myself a little. Only a little.

SimonLeBonOnAndOn Fri 07-Oct-16 23:36:14

I'm similar to you and can manage Boots like those.
I have managed a proper pair of heels but they were insolia ones from Marks.

SimonLeBonOnAndOn Fri 07-Oct-16 23:37:00

I love those boots Btw ,where are they from?

OlennasWimple Fri 07-Oct-16 23:37:14

Strengthen your ankles (walk upstairs on high tip toes; while you're brushing your teeth / washing up / other standing activities, rise up and down on your feet slowly and not quite putting your heels down in between). Strong ankles make wearing heels so much easier!

Not mad keen on the boots, but those heels look sensible for a beginner at tackling heights smile

Tartyflette Fri 07-Oct-16 23:41:34
(Sorry!) but it may help.....

idontlikealdi Fri 07-Oct-16 23:50:27

I have tried so many times, failed and now utterly given up. I can do boots like you have linked for an evening if I don't have to walk very far.

Not mad keen on the boots tbh.

NoFucksImAQueen Sat 08-Oct-16 04:05:42

Simon they're called ravel queensbury and sold in a few places. Does anyone know what ravel are like as a make?

1frenchfoodie Sat 08-Oct-16 07:18:05

I am rubbish in most heels bar a black pair of highish kitten height that are on their last legs but are suprisngly comfortable (make long worn off indole). I am fine with block heel boots of the type you show though - my problem is not the height of heels per se but the balancing on a tiny herl.

I really like the boots in your first post though I'd not get in that colour as I just know I'd get them grubby in a day and they'd not go eith the jeans and dark tights I wear (not together) all winter.

GaryGilmoresEyes Sat 08-Oct-16 09:37:59

Yes. I'm getting these. I've been wearing similar heeled brouges and ive found good insoles are a must!

NoFucksImAQueen Sat 08-Oct-16 19:32:13

Wow they're nice Gary. What will you wear them with?

NoFucksImAQueen Sat 08-Oct-16 19:33:50

Yeah I was concerned about the colour too grey. They have them in tan but I just don't love them as much. It's not often I really like boots so Iv gone for it. I'll buy some nice insoles and a really good spray for them and hope it keeps them nice

NoFucksImAQueen Sat 08-Oct-16 19:34:25

*french not grey

GaryGilmoresEyes Sat 08-Oct-16 20:24:20

I'll wear with jeans and I have Brown cord trousers. I'm gettig the orange pair so I hope it works. If not, I'll have to buy new clothes too grin

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