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Sheepskin or warm boot-style slippers - recommendations please

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Cocochoco Fri 07-Oct-16 17:49:16

I really need super-warm boot slippers. Currently wearing my daughter's cast-offs (cream, Primark) because I can't find a style I like. I quite like the fact these are cream but want to find ones that are properly cosy. Happy to pay £60/70

Hoppinggreen Fri 07-Oct-16 17:51:21

Have a look at Celtic sheepskin
Lovely quality and made here in the UK

SunFinished Fri 07-Oct-16 17:53:13

Placemarking also interested to see what comes up smile

BikeRunSki Fri 07-Oct-16 17:55:41

I was going to say Celtic and Co too.

I have their house boots, still going strong after 5 years.

EnidButton Fri 07-Oct-16 17:56:11

<parks bum>

This is my quest every year and very year everyone says Celtic but I've resisted for some reason probably the price. So waiting to see if they really are the only option. I might give in this year and just get some.

waitingforgodot Fri 07-Oct-16 17:58:54

I bought some sheepskin lined slippers (mule type rather than boots). Bought from groupon for £24.99. So far so good although they are far from stylish!

Cocochoco Fri 07-Oct-16 18:01:06

That was quick.

Tempted by the Celtic shortie slippers. I've decided I don't care (too much) about price as I don't wear shoes in the house and I'm freezing already

dottyaboutstripes Fri 07-Oct-16 18:02:46

Do you live near Costco? I bought mine there for something like £16 3 or 4 years ago. So cosy and really cheap!

Cocochoco Fri 07-Oct-16 18:06:08

No sadly not. Just Primark and Marks. Think I need some woth proper soles.

PNGirl Fri 07-Oct-16 18:07:21

Sheepland at do great slippers. I bought my mum some for around 60 quid.

Cocochoco Fri 07-Oct-16 18:09:41

I like those too... thank you. No sole but maybe that doesn't matter with sheepskin

outnumberedismylife Fri 07-Oct-16 18:11:38

Whilst I love my Celtic knitted shortie slippers they haven't lasted as long as I expected them to for the price. I've had them repaired once after less than a year and now the knit is wearing over the toe. Maybe my expectations were too high. Lovely and warm though.

Whitney168 Fri 07-Oct-16 18:12:01

Might be too short for you, but I've just bought these and they're lovely:

HeyMacWey Fri 07-Oct-16 18:12:28

Yes yes to celtic sheepskin.
If you order their catalogue I'm sure it's got a code on the back.

SloanePeterson Fri 07-Oct-16 18:12:38

Check out the schuh imperfects website. I had a gander after someone mentioned it on another thread and got myself some gorgeous ugg slippers for £28 delivered. Apparently one is slightly faded but I can't tell. They were in the men's section, as all the women's ones seemed to be very small sizes, and I guess as a 6 these are probably too small for most men anyway.

RedWineLush Fri 07-Oct-16 18:14:37

I had and liked the Celtic Sheepskin but then I bought the North Face Tent Mules, in the sale for about 27, normally £40 - they are like mini sleeping bags for you feet!

Sorry I can't do clicky links but they really are brilliant!

Cocochoco Fri 07-Oct-16 18:30:56

Will definitely check out Schuh imperfects and the Celtic catalogue, thanks. And north face.

Definitely not spending another winter with cold feet !

MaybeDoctor Fri 07-Oct-16 18:34:59

Marking place!

PawWavingCat Fri 07-Oct-16 18:49:02

I've worn classic sheepskin booties, called Snuggle Feet for many years. A pair lasts me about 3 years (they can go in the wash), some times longer. They're quite pricey, I buy several pairs at a time to save on the shipping. Snuggle feet slippers. I love these, very warm and super comfy.

Mrs9C Sat 08-Oct-16 17:22:19

I bought the Costco ones 2 years ago, they looked just like Uggs slippers, I don't know what sort of quality Uggs are but the Costco sheepskin ones stretched and the shearling wore right down to nothing at the heel.

BabyGanoush Sat 08-Oct-16 17:28:53

Just bought proper sheepskin boots from TK Maxx for £39!

Think they were called "cloud nine", they come in various colours. I got the grey.

They are just like my (old) UGGs and are heaven!

BabyGanoush Sat 08-Oct-16 17:31:50

CointreauVersial Sat 08-Oct-16 19:03:15


Much cheaper than Celtic; they also sell seconds, and you can hardly see what's wrong with them. My slipper boots are onto their fourth winter. Here.

Cocochoco Sun 09-Oct-16 21:15:11

I like those boots baby. Might need to get those as well as slippers. Have ordered the Celtic ones.

CallarMorvern Sun 09-Oct-16 21:40:21

I was really disappointed with Celtic Sheepskin, I'd been coveting a pair for years and as my Emus, which had lasted ages (and were cheap in TKMaxx) were on their last legs, I splashed out on a pair of Aqualamb Celtic boots. Two winters in and they were in an awful state, soles worn out and a hole, plus they've gone horribly baggy. I went back to Emu, current boots have done two winters and still looking good.

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