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Waterproof boots / shoes

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nephrofox Fri 07-Oct-16 11:50:42

I am after some waterproof (or at least water resistant) shoes/boots with a chunky tread for trogging round parks, farms etc with the kids in autumn/winter. Would like to look vaguely stylish and rather than just wear wellies all the time. I also findwellies give me cold feet so some nice warm boots would be much nicer. Any suggestions? Budget probably up to £100 ish, maybe more if I loved them

SesameSparkle Fri 07-Oct-16 16:25:01

Maybe something like this from Timberland?

bingohandjob Sat 08-Oct-16 05:34:18

Ecco. Not the prettiest but the comfiest and waterproof. I've trudged mine through rain, sleet, snow and mud and still keep me dry. Some on offer on sportpursuit at the moment.

TronaldDump Sat 08-Oct-16 06:13:12

I've got a couple of pairs of timberland boots and love them. Great for walking the dog, running after kids etc, I have to make myself not live in them in the winter! T K Maxx often have some online too if you're looking for a cheaper option?

BeastofCraggyIsland Sat 08-Oct-16 10:35:32

These! I adore mine:®-boot-NL1005.html?dwvar_NL1005_variationColor=280#q=caribou&mid=paidsearch&eid=Google%2BAdwords%2BUK&nid=GSN_UK-EN_Brand_Collection&oid=UK-EN_Brand_Collection_Caribou&gclid=CJGK04zzys8CFRc6Gwod8oEB_Q&ef_id=ZytP4186ukoAAF0w%3A20161008093138%3As&start=0

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