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Tarte Cosmetics - anyone use these?

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70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 06-Oct-16 21:51:53

DD (make-up- aholic unlike me blush ) has asked for the foundation and concealer for Christmas (Ha! I'll have to buy it in secret and hide it from her) but she'll need a test run before then.
I can buy it on QVC (30 Day Money Back) so she'll be able to trial it.

Is it good?
Good value?

She doesn't need heavy coverage, her skin is good (actually she doesn't need any foundation but she likes it)


TheCraicDealer Thu 06-Oct-16 22:00:23

Is it the Something of the Sea one she wants? I haven't read too many reviews but Temptalia raves about it. And that woman knows her shit.

NB if your DD is really into make-up you might want to consider some stocking fillers/surprises from the Kat Von D range which has just launched in Debenhams. Beauty bloggers love it, most of the products get brilliant reviews and it's literally just come to the UK.

joangray38 Thu 06-Oct-16 22:23:41

There is a tarte tsv sometime in October which has everything but concealer in it , can't remember the date but it looks good

70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 06-Oct-16 22:28:27

She mentioned Kat Von D actually smile and I reckon trying in store is safer than buying online.
Cruelty Free is important to me, I just checked Kat Von D online and ......yeah grin

70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 06-Oct-16 22:34:27

Tarte TSV is 15th.
Hmmm she wants foundation/concealer so it might not be for her.

I 'll see what she thinks of the KVD first

Blingygolightly Thu 06-Oct-16 23:06:08

I came across Tarte for first time 2 weeks ago. It's cruelty free make up with very high pigmentation. I bought lip gloss, longwear eyeliner and mascara and rate them all.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 06-Oct-16 23:36:37

I'm going to have to buy both brands aren't I grin

I'll see what the 15th offers (there'll be the TSV and hopefully lots of other nice things) they always say "If your skin tone is Courtney Cox/ Nicole Kidman/Beyonce then you're Light/Very Light/Medium Tan" and I'm thinking What the Dickens do they look like skin tone wise ?

She'll have a tan after October Half Term (holiday) then be pale by Christmas.......she'll need two shades , <sigh>

JasperDamerel Thu 06-Oct-16 23:45:46

Ooh! I didn't know you get Tarte in the UK. They have a lip stain thing that I've seen looking stunning on a picture of someone with just my colouring, and I've wanted it ever since.

TheCraicDealer Thu 06-Oct-16 23:50:59

Here's foundation swatches for Rainforest of the Sea- Pinterest is your fried for stuff like this. Don't think QVC have all these shades though, that's the only thing.

thisfalseinsight Sat 08-Oct-16 20:27:42

They make a loose powder that is the BEST loose powder anywhere (Amazonian Clay). It's brilliant - sheer and just mattifying enough to take the shine off, but very natural-looking. Haven't tried anything else of theirs but based on this limited experience I would recommend!

TheCatsBiscuits Sat 08-Oct-16 21:27:15

I got the first Tarte TSV QVC did, but had to return it because the foundation was way too yellow-based for me. They've only taken six/seven shades from the extensive Tarte range, all very yellowy, and they didn't really explain them very well in the presentation. Or rather, they did that QVC thing of pretending that even though the colours were clearly not suited to pink-toned complexions 'they blend so well/will work with a tan/are very forgiving'... hmm

stopgap Sun 09-Oct-16 05:18:55

I live in the U.S., and use Tarte religiously. Their clay mascara is amazing.

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