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Autumn/Spring jacket help please

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GuyMartinsSideburns Thu 06-Oct-16 16:12:45

My trusty old Parker has finally become too crappy to wear and needs to go. I've tried about 7 others and sent them all back. Most recently was the Hush short Eskimo parka, fits like a dream and would do for the nippy inbetween weather, however the furry hood just looks ridiculous on me. Maybe because of my build - 5ft 3, size 8/10 or because I'm not used to the furry hoods that seem to be everywhere now but I don't think I'd wear it. It looks ginormous and then you've got my little face peeking out the middle grin

I have coats for when it's cold and dry, a coat for super cold weather, and lighter jackets (eg denim) but Im proper stumped with this. It has to be okay for the odd shower. I also think I want something a bit different this time.

Should maybe say a bit of what style I like - all saints, jigsaw, hush, layers. Today I'm wearing girlfriend jeans rolled up, Vivienne Westwood seditionaries boots, long vest top with a looser layer over the top, and a big loose shawl-y Cardigan with a brooch. I have a pixie cut and facial piercings, tend to wear orange lipstick. Bet you're all stumped now aren't you grin any ideas/websites/inspiration most appreciated smile

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