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Wardrobe/life overhaul

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Sweetdisposition91 Thu 06-Oct-16 06:57:28

Hello everyone!
I've recently kon-maried my clothes and although I've got some left I've realised none really "spark joy"!
I'm a just turned 25 year old, no children with a very casual office job (usually wear jeans anything goes there). I feel like I'm still dressing young ie I'll wear crop tops and Bralets and stuff!

Basically I need a whole new Autumn/winter wardrobe which will make me look stylish and a little more "grown up"!

What are the wardrobe essentials/staples?
I would like to have outfits good to go for certain things like work, pub, club, doggy days out, meals out etc, as usually I get into a frantic Panic not knowing what to wear or needing something new! I'm one of those people who either gets completely dolled up or makes absolutely no effort so please help me find a happy medium!

I'm also confused about what colours suit me! I'm 5 ft 7, size 10, 34e with medium brown hair dark eyes and a fair skin tone but I do fake tan once a week so I never know if I should find what suits me when I'm pale compared to being tanned?! (I hate my normal skin colour!)
What do people wear dog walking? I walk at 6am with my two dogs but always feel i look like a homeless person with random stuff thrown on, joggers and walking boots, mismatched jacket etc. Or should I not care because is dark out now and hopefully no one will see me grin

Also on another note, I'm now starting to think about aging and how I can try to prevent it and get a good skin care regime going. I currently:
Remove make up with make up wipe
Then use a loreal cream cleanser with a make up pad
Then use a face wash in the shower
Olay toner after shower
Then eye cream and mouturiser

Am I doing this all wrong? I always feel like my face isn't clean enough if I don't use the wipes before the cleanser.
I'm also considering Botox mainly to raise my eyebrows a little but am I too young or is prevention better than cure?

Thanks in advance! smile

Sweetdisposition91 Fri 07-Oct-16 11:31:14

Bump, someone give me some advice please grinhalo

Pisssssedofff Fri 07-Oct-16 13:08:22

I honestly believe there must be better places for advice than us old farts.

Is just 17 still going or Cosmo ?

Chocolateteabag Fri 07-Oct-16 13:15:36

Personally for dog walking I would go for comfort and warmth plus maybe a reflective strip so you don't get run over?

As for fashion - have you looked at style blogs or Pinterest for ideas? Try to work out what style suits your lifestyle and body shape. I.e. I live in the sticks with 2 small boys and mostly work from home - so my old LK Bennett heels/work dresses are rarely ever out of the wardrobe.

There are loads of different blogs for different ages but equally there are plenty of different ages on here so pretty sure you'll gets some more tips soon

Skincare wise - as a sage 40 year old I use la Roche posay effaclar and wish I'd had it in my 20's

StrawberrytallCake Fri 07-Oct-16 13:16:11

I felt the same as you after I had a baby mid-20s, only going out clothes or slobbing clothes.

I like to wear jeans and breton which is standard school gate mum uniform - and in winter jumper dresses, skirts with jumpers or tops, tights and ankle boots. Depending on your budget there is always something available - H&M, Zara and other stories (online) are quite good I think? It also depends on your personality and what you do day to day, even maybe if you live in the country or town. You mostly just have to be comfortable in what you wear and enjoy it rather than trying to fit into a particular category I think - it's taken me almost a decade!

I think maybe look on Pinterest and Instagram for some ideas? Just type in daytime outfits 20s or something similar.

StrawberrytallCake Fri 07-Oct-16 13:17:12

Also - I like Emma Hardie for skincare and would wear wellies, a huge warm coat (with pockets for treats), jeans and a jumper for dog walking!

specialsubject Fri 07-Oct-16 14:31:28

Dress young? You are only 25! Show it off!

To reduce wrinkles - wear sunscreen, don't smoke. The anti-Ageing creams are a waste of money.

Onlytimewilltell Fri 07-Oct-16 16:29:22

Botox at 25? Err no.

RaisingSteam Fri 07-Oct-16 16:51:29

I'd say find a few colours you like (say two neutrals, two brights) amongst what you have, and get your clothes organised so at least things go together. For dog walking most people don't care but at least have wellies and waterproof coat that go and a cheerful hat and scarf for the winter. Maybe one of those belted barbour jackets? Something from joules? Cannot comment on clubs etc! Do you get the Next Directory or something for outfit ideas?

If you've got a bit of cash to spare, how about getting your colours done, might sort out your fake tan problem. The right colours will flatter your skin, then you won't waste money getting tan boots instead of grey or something. I wish I had done it sooner.

botemp Fri 07-Oct-16 19:08:54

Don't do what I did in my early twenties and invest in 'timeless' pieces, granted it was a bit of sprouted 'common sense' that was really more of a trend at the time in the austerity aftermath following the banking crisis.

I still have some of the pieces, they're fine, functional, well made, etc. but terribly boring if I'm honest. I thought I was done 'changing' and it would all be sensible and respectable from 25 onwards but mid to late twenties tend to be far from expected for most and your wardrobe tends to alter vastly with it. So have fun, buy things you love and put a smile on your face. Ditch the utterly cheap tat (it's not all that kind on the environment, or the poorly paid workers that make it) and find a balance between affordable, fun, and the odd bit of sense. Toss in a few trend pieces that appeal to you each season but don't pay too much for them and don't be a slave to whatever's 'in'. This is really the time to define your own style and accept you'll make a few odd choices along the way, that's what will help you get what suits you, slavishly following chartered paths of others won't.

I'll be honest your skincare routine is a bit shit, but at least you have one. Ditch the wipes, they're useless. Don't cleanse your face in the shower, the water is way too hot for facial skin. Above all, be kind to your skin.

If you want to get serious about preventative anti-ageing get yourself a steady routine and include a Vit C serum (The Ordinary by Deciem do a v. affordable one at the moment but I have yet to get my hands on it, initial feedback has been good though) and daily stand alone SPF year round (LRP Anthelios, Biore UV V Aqua Rich Watery Essence or something along those lines if you hate the traditional heavy ones).

Daily routine would be (PM) Cleanse with oil based cleanser to remove all makeup/SPF, followed by a gentle cream cleanser, (acid) tone, Vit C, Eye Cream, Moisturiser/Oil. AM would be similar except omit the initial oil cleanse and add the SPF last before makeup (min SPF30 in winter, SPF50 in summer). You might be fine with just using Vit C in the mornings, esp. when newly introducing the product in your routine.

Eye creams are a bit of a 'eh' product, I've always used it because I don't tolerate a lot of products near my eyes well but otherwise I would have most likely just taken my moisturiser up to the area instead as all eye creams really do is moisturise. When you start using anti-ageing products with proven actives, then it's worth considering a stand alone eye cream if it's an area of concern.

From 30 onwards (younger if you're a smoker and/or sun worshipper) consider getting a Retinol into your routine.

Botox for any other reason than some subtle work when you actually have wrinkles seems nonsensical to me (not to mention the v. troublesome animal cruelty concerns that come with it) and unless done by a very skilled person always looks odd. Most young people emulating the Botox look just end up looking older and it's a slippery slope into over scrutinisation and a myriad of procedures. To each their own but I wouldn't advocate using it to 'raise your brows', brows tend to sit where they're supposed to sit.

Last tip, seek out one of the bra intervention threads on here, 34E whilst being a size ten doesn't sound like the right size bra but I'm no expert.

MsUnderstanding Fri 07-Oct-16 19:37:13

You've just turned 25 and are think about ageing! Fuck. When I was your age I was just enjoying life smoking and drinking Ageing was the last thing on my mind. Put on your best cropped bralet like I even know what that is and chill out.

Chocolateteabag Fri 07-Oct-16 20:30:41

Oo I second Strawberrytallcake for Emma Hardie - the moringa ba cleanser is fab!

Floisme Sat 08-Oct-16 10:00:44

I'm not sure if you want advice from a 60 year old and I hope this doesn't sound patronising but you have many decades of grown up dressing ahead of you and frankly, what's the rush? If I could have my 25 year old body back just for one day, I would wear my shortest skirts and tiniest tops. It sounds as if you're at a life and career stage where you can wear pretty much what you like so make the most of it. Find clothes you love and wear them, every day.

I agree with Botemp about 'investment pieces'. In fact I think it's horseshit at every life stage. I'm not a lover of fast fashion and I've had some of my clothes for decades but just about every time I've shelled out for something 'classic' it's turned out a dud. Because life changes; fashions change; your body changes. I've had years more wear out of a £10 H&M jumper than I've had out of that £200 Hobbs jacket. Why? Because I Ioved the jumper but I never loved the jacket.

(Obviously some people have to dress like this for work but I don't and neither, by the sound it it, do you.)

In terms of skincare, it's generally agreed that the two main causes of premature aging are smoking and sun damage. So if you smoke or sunbathe, stop right now. I'm not a fan of using lots of products but I do recommend sunscreen, every day. I'm not a fan of Botox either - not at any age - and I don't even understand what it can do for eyebrows. All I'll say is that you would presumably be embarking on several decades of use and as an observer, the longer you do it, the more obvious it looks.

On colours: If you can't work out what suits suit from the mirror, It might be worth paying to 'get them done'. I've never done it myself but lots of posters have so if you post separately about it, you'll probably get more opinions.

Sweetdisposition91 Tue 11-Oct-16 08:58:58

Thank you all for the replies!
I will embrace the crop tops then ha and I keep hearing about getting colours done so will definitely consider this!
I don't smoke but used to use sunbeds which I know is terrible! I've bought some face sun cream I will use that after my mousturiser from now on. I love using fave wash in the shower why is hot water bad on your face does anyone know?
Also with cleanser stupid question do you massage it into your skin then wipe off with a pad or use it straight on the pad and wipe on your face or does this not make a jot of difference?
In regards to the bra, my back seems wide yet it measures 32 but I deffo couldn't go smaller as a 34 sometimes seems tight!

botemp Tue 11-Oct-16 09:38:44

This is the guide usually linked on those bra threads, but again I'm no expert so others are better with specific advice but if you measure 32 you're most likely a 32 in a larger cup size.

Hot water is bad for the skin as it aggravates it and encourages dryness as you're more likely to wash away the oils it naturally produces to protect the skin barrier, if you shower in tepid/cool water go right ahead but hot water really isn't conducive and the type of cleansers you use in the shower tend to be the foamy stripping kinds that again strip you of all grime but all the good as well.

Cleanser you massage in and depending if it's a balm - a warm (not hot) wet flannel to take it all off that you replace daily- or cream cleanser - rinse away with tepid water and pat dry or warm flannel again if preferred. The flannel adds in a bit of gentle manual exfoliation which is beneficial to most. No pads necessary.

StrawberrytallCake Tue 11-Oct-16 12:42:04

Stop using sunbeds!!! You will regret it and at the very least will have dark sunspots on your face within a decade - speaking from experience!! Use st tropez everyday instead.

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