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Thoughts on the newest crop of chokers?

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SapphireSeptember Thu 06-Oct-16 03:58:15

I've been wearing chokers since I was a teenager (so about thirteen years now) and noticed they're back in fashion. I have leather ones, velvet ones and metal ones, but having seen the new ones I'm disappointed. The quality isn't great, Boots are charging a fiver for a plain velvet ribbon with added chain before you get to the clasp, (I can get a metre of velvet ribbon for less than a £1 from the local craft shop, seal the edges with clear nail polish and voilà!) The ones I've seen in New Look are just nasty, Claire's have some that are quite nice but the rest aren't as nice as the ones I got ten years ago. I'm looking at the ones I got from Debanhams ten years ago and feel quite sad. Maybe I'm just being nostalgic. sigh I don't know what anyone else is doing with regards to other shops, I live somewhere with hardly any.

frikadela01 Thu 06-Oct-16 04:14:22

I realise the shops are full of them bit the only people round here I've seen wearing chokers are women with a slightly gothic look who clearly never stopped wearing them and teenagers. I haven't seen anyone wearing them as mainstream fashion iyswimso I doubt you'll find anything of amazing quality.

I actually think they're a very hard look to pull off. I also can't believe I've seen numerous girls wearing the stretchy "tattoo" ones that were all the rage in the 90s. Tacky as hell.

NantucketNightbird Thu 06-Oct-16 05:46:45

I don't wear them but I've seen them on empty casket smile

NantucketNightbird Thu 06-Oct-16 05:48:45

frik yes I've seen those! Also lots of teens wearing camo leggings with matching crop top which again I haven't seen since the 90s grin

SapphireSeptember Thu 06-Oct-16 08:20:33

Empty casket is very bad for my bank balance! Also, after I posted this I went to the Debanhams website and they have some nice ones, that I now really want...

I am a Goth, I was excited when I heard chokers were back in, but not so much now. And I keep hearing the 90s comparison, for me it was a 2006 thing when all things Goth were in fashion and everyone was wearing black nail polish! (Therefore I rebelled by wearing dark blue and dark green nail polish together!) The Open Door was released that autumn, and that made me happy. smile

IsItGinTimeYet Thu 06-Oct-16 08:29:15

Not something that has became mainstream around here either. I have only seen them worn by goths (who have done for years), teenagers and one tragic looking woman in her late 30's with leather leggings and a floral fringed kimono shock. It would leave me looking equally tragic so not a trend I shall embrace.

ChickyDuck Thu 06-Oct-16 08:33:40

It's probably the shops you are looking in...of course Claire's and New Look's cheapy cheap versions aren't going to be as nice as Debenhams?

lasttimeround Thu 06-Oct-16 08:54:33

I liked them in the 90s don't like them now. Haven't looked closely enough at the difference. The stretchy tattoo look ones I really don't like. I think maybe chokers need to be chunkier to look good /better? The one I had was sort of multi strand just like Janet Jackson in that's the way love goes. Or so I believed ha ha

SapphireSeptember Thu 06-Oct-16 13:23:42

Well I've just been to Claire's and got three (four technically,) theses are more like it!

I couldn't find a link to the third one, it's a black satin ribbon with a double crystal chain all in one piece. Yes they are cheap, but they feel nice (I've tried them on.) The second one makes me think of Victorian mourning jewellery.

Chunky would not look good on me, my neck isn't long enough. I go for fairly thin ones. And I like to layer my necklaces. Choker, longer necklace that doesn't interfere with the pendant from the choker if there is one, then a longer one than that. It may not be particularly cool but I care not.

Mozfan1 Thu 06-Oct-16 13:30:54

Ive got some really nice ones on velvet with drop pendants and such, for only a couple of quid but they last 🙂

Mozfan1 Thu 06-Oct-16 13:31:10

Sorry I was supposed to say got them from eBay!

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