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Do you always wear heels on a big night out?

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ReallyShouldKnowBetterAtMyAge Wed 05-Oct-16 21:31:43

I don't go out very often but now I've got to go out in London to the roof top gardens.

I've googled and it looks cold it's going to be November can I wear black pumps with skinny jeans and a strappy top and a big coat

I'm nearly 40 and medium build and height.

I'm going to have to do more with my hair than a messy bun aren't I?

OhTheRoses Wed 05-Oct-16 21:33:32

Nope. Never did. Am 56 now.

KingJoffreysRestingCuntface Wed 05-Oct-16 21:33:56

A roof top garden in November?

Christ, you'll need to style your hair the keep your ears warm. Messy bun will leave your neck chilly.

usual Wed 05-Oct-16 21:34:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Judydreamsofhorses Wed 05-Oct-16 21:34:41

I don't even own heels.

usual Wed 05-Oct-16 21:35:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KingJoffreysRestingCuntface Wed 05-Oct-16 21:35:40

And no, can't walk in heels.

Kind of glad. In my work I see some fucked up feet. Elderly people with toes forced into the shape of pointy shoes.

And no, they can barely walk.

JoyceDivision Wed 05-Oct-16 21:36:22

Don't own heels and never worn them.

For right big nights out I wear rose gold converse grin

Vvlgari Wed 05-Oct-16 21:36:26

God no. The last time I wore heels for a do I ended up taking them off halfway through the night and wearing ballet pumps. I have a posh do in November and I will be buying a pair of glam sandals with a low heel.

ScarletForYa Wed 05-Oct-16 21:38:10

No, I own some beautiful ones but I always feel like a transvestite in them.

I'm also plain so i feel ridiculous in them!

Statelychangers Wed 05-Oct-16 21:38:11

London is surprisingly casual.....your outfit sounds good.

mycatwantstokillme1 Wed 05-Oct-16 21:39:53

what's a big night out? can't rememver the last time I had one of those!

garlicandsapphire Wed 05-Oct-16 21:44:24

Yes to heels but casual - jeans, nice top etc - dont like too dressy otherwise.

OhTheRoses Wed 05-Oct-16 21:48:39

The roof garden is a thing. I've been there for breakfast - corporate.

Agree with previous poster - London is casual. DH and I had dinner in Yorkshire recently. It was an eye opener. People in London just don't dress up that much.

TheSnorkMaidenReturns Wed 05-Oct-16 21:54:42

Nope, never did. No need.

Floisme Wed 05-Oct-16 21:55:36

Poor old Londoners - some of the best shops in the world right on their doorstep but too cool to get dressed up. grin

That said, no I never wear heels.

ReallyShouldKnowBetterAtMyAge Wed 05-Oct-16 22:22:28

It is corporate and I have been looking at glittery pumps this evening smile

Phew, I was very worried about all the stairs!

I now need to find some shoes and a coat, any ideas?

PNGirl Wed 05-Oct-16 22:23:28

Nah, pointy flat pumps do me for dressy. Flat sandals in summer with some studs or something to dress them up. If I do wear heels they are a pair of black ankle boots with a block heel that are very sturdy.

Outfit sounds good!

CallarMorvern Wed 05-Oct-16 23:23:53

I have glittery Converse for these occasions. Or I'll wear a low kitten heel, not keen on heels as I'm 5'10 and trip over my own feet, with out adding heels to the mix.

Nettletheelf Wed 05-Oct-16 23:41:17

I always do (and I am in the north of England...agree that London is more dressed down on nights out).

Wouldn't feel dressed up without them. Clothes just look better with heels. Also I am used to being 6 foot in heels so when reduced to my normal 5'8" I feel like a midget.

GraceGrape Wed 05-Oct-16 23:49:03

Slightly off-topic, but if it's the Kensington Roof Gardens, most of it is indoors I think. It's admittedly been about 10 years since I've been there but I'm sure in the winter time we used to stay in the inside bit and just look at the gardens through the window! (Although I did venture outside to see the flamingos.....)

I usually wear heels on a night out but think pumps will work fine with skinny jeans.

NeverNic Wed 05-Oct-16 23:51:05

I wear heeled boots a lot. My current favourite have a chunky block heel. I do go out in London. I tend to keep proper heels for dinners out. Bars tend to be more casual. Check the photos on the bar's Facebook page. It'll give you a better idea on the true dresscode.

The only time I notice whether people are wearing heels or not is when they are and they can't walk in them grin Nice boots with a low/medium block heel would look good with jeans and still be comfortable.

KnitFastDieWarm Wed 05-Oct-16 23:59:47

For right big nights out I wear rose gold converse

i need these!!! where from? rose gold everything grin

KnitFastDieWarm Thu 06-Oct-16 00:04:00

and no OP i very rarely wear heels however big the night out - the highest i own are about 2in. i think you can always spot people who don't feel comfortable in their clothes on a night out, so i own a huge range of sparkly flat shoes. plus i like to go all out on hair and makeup and OTT tops and heels would just be too much for the slightly 'i'm semi glam but i don't try too hard' look that i like delude myself is working for me grin

enjoy your night out (and bring a big fancy scarf to prevent your ears freezing off!)

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