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Bra help! Underwires in armpits....

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Bantsaredown Wed 05-Oct-16 17:11:05

I'd love some help with bras.... Please!

Measure a 32H - but... Some bras in this size do not fit, some do!
Just ordered a bra - Fantasie Jana full cup (not very attractive but thought good for everyday) and the wires seem to sit too far back. Hard to explain, but instead of running under my boob, the wire ends too far back into my arm pit.

Quite a few bras I've had are like this. Currently the only bra that I can wear is a debenhams one that eventually gets very uncomfortable as the day goes on. It the wires don't go into my armpits.

What am I doing wrong here? anyone else get this? Desperate to be comfy!

herbwife Wed 05-Oct-16 17:26:20

You could try going up a size on the back and down one in the cup, so a 34G/GG, but your best bet would probably be to go and try a few on to see which brand/ size is the best fit for your body type.

Bantsaredown Wed 05-Oct-16 17:29:37

Hmm, yes that may work - I guess the wires would maybe be shorter then?

I think I'll need to go try loads on like you say herbwife. And then find a style I like and buy a load of them!

XiCi Wed 05-Oct-16 18:15:25

I have this so hope someone has a solution or can recommend a bra that doesn't have wires so far up (I'm a 32FF). They feel comfortable at the time of trying on but after a days wear the wires really dig in towards the armpit and leave an unsightly mark

This isn't really a size issue, and at that size I wouldn't go up in the band as you're likely to not get sufficient support. It's a style issue - some brands use wider wires than others, and Fantasie are amongst the widest.

My first port of call for narrow wires in a UK brand is normally Cleo - do you think your boobs are full on top, full on bottom or all over?

XiCi Wed 05-Oct-16 20:51:41

Mine are full all over statistically. Would be grateful for recommendations for any brands. It can get quite painful after a day of wear

Full all over, but not too wide - I'd start with my old favourite of the Cleo Marcie. You might also want to try some Panache, perhaps the Floris would be a good option. If you like plunges the Bravissimo Aztec isn't too bad for that shape, and they've brought out a new one - the name escapes me but it's an orange and pink patterned plunge.

XiCi Wed 05-Oct-16 22:17:57

That's brilliant, thanks so much.

Bantsaredown Wed 05-Oct-16 22:19:43

Oooh! Some good idea thanks Statistically.

I think I may have had Panache bras before and got on well with them. I will look at Cleo.

I have no real idea if my boobs are full or not... I'm not young, I've breast fed, they're droopy without a bra...? Guessing this means full at bottom? Looking at them it seems they are pretty narrow at the top too.

I don't get on with plunge bras at all - I just fall out of them and look ridiculous.

You can be droopy but full on top relatively - it's more to do with where the breast volume is relative to the nipple. When a full on top boob loses fullness and feels the impact of gravity then the nipple will tend towards being close to the bottom of the breast when they're dangling free - almost working towards pointing down if that makes sense. Whereas a full on bottom breast will tend to have lots of breast tissue below the nipple, but still have dropped considerably. linky

For full on bottom then Cleo style like the Hettie, Erin, Lily, Minnie, Millie, and Kayla are good. The difference with them vs the Marcie is that the Marcie is quite open at the top of the cup - if you look at it on models you'll see it doesn't curve in as much over the top of the breast, where the Lily and co curve in more. Often for full on bottom breasts cups which are more open at the top - something like the Cleo Juna - are good because you don't get gaping, but the ones I've mentioned are quite good for more overall fullness tending to bottom heavy, and breasts which are quite narrow. A lot of the bottom heavy bras also suit wide breasts which can be troublesome!

zgaze Wed 05-Oct-16 22:59:14

This is a really useful thread, thank you. I measure as a 32K but in real life really struggle to find ones that don't bite me in the armpit.

Have you looked at Ewa Michalak at all zgaze? They're a polish brand (online ordering only I'm afraid) but they tend to have very narrow cups compared to UK brands, it becomes very obvious at bigger cup sizes (i'm around the J mark myself)

There's a blogger called CurvyWordy who I think is a 32K or L and wears them a lot, and they're amongst my favourites too.

Bantsaredown Thu 06-Oct-16 16:26:28

Thank you so much for all this information. I will keep trying them all on and hopefully hit in the holy grail!

Trip to shops on Saturday I think 😀

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