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What eyeshadow with a raspberry coloured dress?

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littletike Wed 05-Oct-16 11:43:39

I can't decide what eyeshadow looks right with a raspberry coloured dress I bought for a wedding. I'm going to wear a bright lippy and have blonde hair and blue eyes - any suggestions?

I've tried some of my naked/naked 3 palette combos but nothing quite looks right

JinkxMonsoon Wed 05-Oct-16 11:45:39

Definitely neutral colours, especially with a bright lip.

MaxineRockatansky Wed 05-Oct-16 11:48:17

Gold or copper. Best colours to enhance blue eyes and would look great with raspberry.

Smog or Half-Baked from Naked 1 or Tricky from Naked 3 with one of the matte neutral shades in the crease and the highlight shade applied delicately in the inner corner.

littletike Wed 05-Oct-16 15:44:23

Lovely thanks smile

What do you call neutral?

Fizzer123 Wed 05-Oct-16 19:10:42

This is what I would call neutral : Pale base ie : oatmeal colour with a small bit of mid brown in the sockets, if you are having brights lips & dress.

Calphurnia Wed 05-Oct-16 19:11:41


Sugarpiehoneyeye Wed 05-Oct-16 19:18:32

Smokey grey.

MaxineRockatansky Wed 05-Oct-16 19:30:18

If you're using the Naked 1, I would use Naked and Buck in the crease. Naked first, then Buck. Both applied in a widow wiper motion. Then the gold shimmery colour all over the lid. You could deepen the outer v of your eye with a darker matte brown eyeshadow if you have one.

Then, black kohl or gel/liquid eyeliner and loads of mascara. Sorted smile.

littletike Wed 05-Oct-16 21:20:25

Thanks smile I'm out of practice since having ds!

burnishedsilver Wed 05-Oct-16 21:23:01

Ignore the colour of the dress and go for whatever suits your face and eyes.

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