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Haircut - advice for fine wavy hair? specific places for ideas?

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SpringSpringSpring Wed 05-Oct-16 09:41:02

I have been looking on pinterest etc but not really finding much so wondered if anyone had more specific ideas or could offer some advice?

I want a new style but I have realised that all the ones that appeal need thicker hair than mine. I currently have medium length hair in boring layers that I tie back because I don't know how to style it. I was thinking of going shorter but not sure if that will be enough to make it fuller. It's a bit wavy (in an untidy way mostly) and according to the hairdresser I have quite a lot of hair (takes ages to dry) but it's all fine.

I have a long kind of face so the long bob styles would make me look horsey - I need hair around my face I think. And I hate those lop-sided fringes that cover one eye because I like being able to see.

Any ideas??

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