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Does this look like good quality? Leather jacket from India

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CoolToned Wed 05-Oct-16 01:39:50

Found on eBay.

CoolToned Wed 05-Oct-16 01:40:45

More pics

youvegottabekiddingme Wed 05-Oct-16 01:51:20

Is it really leather? With cows being sacred there I'd imagine it would be difficult to get genuine leather.

CoolToned Wed 05-Oct-16 01:52:01

Seller states it's leather.

I think some known brands have their leather jackets made in India.

CoolToned Wed 05-Oct-16 01:52:30

This is lambskin, supposedly.

Veterinari Wed 05-Oct-16 02:48:43

80-90% of the world's leather comes from India. Cows aren't sacred to all religions but slaughterhouses only exist in 1 or 2 states, and so often cows are traded, walked or transported huge distances in high heat to states like Kerala where cow slaughter houses exist, or across to Bangladesh to be slaughtered. The leather is then tanned using pretty awful chemicals by poor locals, made into clothing and exported from India.

The Indian leather industry is pretty awful in several levels so whilst it's not what you were asking, no, I doubt a cheap eBay Indian leather jacket is great quality

VioletBam Wed 05-Oct-16 02:50:31

Lambskin is very thin and not like leather as we know it.

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