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Do some people just not suit shorts? (with photo)

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Rathkelter Tue 04-Oct-16 22:42:36

Please be kind-ish... this is me (DD's leg wheel-barrowing in front) and I hate the sight of myself in shorts but what to wear in summer if you're out and about walking and biking and it's hot?

neolara Tue 04-Oct-16 22:45:46

Your legs are perfectly fine. I would try different styles to find what suits you best. I think the particular style you are wearing can often be unflattering, even on people with good legs. Why not try something shorter?

WinchesterWoman Tue 04-Oct-16 22:45:58

Those are nice shorts. I wear capital,never shorts.

WinchesterWoman Tue 04-Oct-16 22:46:30

Capris not capital and your shorts are great

SwedishEdith Tue 04-Oct-16 22:46:43

You look fine. But maybe slightly shorter ones would suit you more?

Corialanusburt Tue 04-Oct-16 22:47:09

Get some shorter shorts. Fat face ones are ok.

NeverNic Tue 04-Oct-16 22:57:24

Give them an extra turn up and you'd probably like them more. I quite like my legs, but not keen on my knees. Going up a bit lengthens my legs and doesn't emphasise the knees too much

Toffeelatteplease Tue 04-Oct-16 23:07:47

you need to go shorter. your legs are great

Rathkelter Tue 04-Oct-16 23:09:19

Thanks all. I've got a bit of cellulite behind my thighs, and I think my thighs are a bit chunky, hence the knee length but I could try shorter. That wardrobe's put away for winter now though, sadly.

burnishedsilver Tue 04-Oct-16 23:28:26

It's definately the length. An inch or two shorter would be better.

Tokelau Tue 04-Oct-16 23:42:24

You look fine in shorts.

I have short wide legs. I never wear shorts, I don't even have any. sad

gettingitwrongputingitright Tue 04-Oct-16 23:46:34

They look fine. Shorter?

apatheticfallacy Tue 04-Oct-16 23:54:17

Your legs are lovely, as others have said I don't think the length flatters them. Roll them up a little bit more and it'll give the illusion of a longer, slimmer leg

Pcat Wed 05-Oct-16 00:14:02

Try those same shorts turned up at dif heights to get a sense of what is most flattering on you. I have awful knees and used to wear longer shorts but slightly shorter actually look better on me. Trial and error but you can figure it out by turning up and measuring crotch to hem..... Place like boden sell the same shorts in dif lengths

AgeingArtemis Wed 05-Oct-16 00:21:58

Your legs look a very similar shape to mine!

I like my legs grin

milkshakeandmonstermunch Wed 05-Oct-16 00:36:00

You have my legs! It took me years to work out that I needed to go shorter. Just long enough to cover any bum and thigh cellulite but still short enough to draw the eyes away from my knees. I have very chunky strong thighs too but, as my DM tells me, your legs work so be proud of them.

Athrawes Wed 05-Oct-16 02:17:50

I too spent years in longer length shorts before realising that my slightly Scottish toned and proportioned thighs look better in shorter shorts.

choli Wed 05-Oct-16 03:13:56

Truth is, very few people look good in shorts. A short skirt is usually more flattering. MOO.

zippyswife Wed 05-Oct-16 06:37:08

You have lovely shapely legs. Go shorter I don't think that length does much for you.m but I bet shorter would look great.

dudsville Wed 05-Oct-16 06:46:49

You have lovely legs, good knees! My legs are like sausages, no definition. My knees are just plain odd. Wear your shorts with pride!

Yakari Wed 05-Oct-16 06:55:08

Moving to a hot country and being forced into shorts almost 9 months of the year taught me two things - always go shorter than you're first comfortable with and also size up so slightly baggy a bit like 'boyfriend jeans'
For style points I recommend loose linen and cotton shorts over vests and tshirts unless you have a great stomach

cariboo Wed 05-Oct-16 07:00:05

Shorter would be better! Have you tried a skort?

Helmetbymidnight Wed 05-Oct-16 07:00:45

What are my legs doing here?! grin

I'd go longer or shorter- I think that length isn't flattering for most of us.

JackandDiane Wed 05-Oct-16 07:28:56

shorts way too long imo
Legs need some skin treatement - looks like oyu have been playing football in the school ground

ItGoesWithoutSaying Wed 05-Oct-16 09:52:09

Another vote for shorter shorts. Your legs look great.

I feel I am more of a "shorts person" than a "skirts person". If that makes sense. I find it had to find skirts I like but have a number of shorts that I'm happy in. All are shorter than those.

As the weather has changed, go and find some shorter shorts, wear with tights and get some confidence. Next summer you'll be more confident in the shorts.

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