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Dyson hairdryer, worth the money?

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Salmiak Tue 04-Oct-16 21:21:24

Does anyone have one? Our trusty old hairdryer has lasted for 10+ years but is starting to die, so need to replace it. I'm tempted by the new dyson one, but unsure because of the price tag, but willing to spend out if it really is quicker, quieter, faster, glossier hair making, easier, etc. should I go for it or stick with parlux?

RonaldMcDonald Wed 05-Oct-16 04:37:09

Depends on the money you have and earn
All hair dryers do a job
Is a £300 hairdryer worth it? Well it depends on if you think it is suitably stylish and substantially better to think it is 3 or 6 or 30 times nicer than another hairdryer

So if it was utterly excellent and better than anything that had come before Kim Kardashian wouldn't think twice about the purchase but for me at 3x the price of my dryer I'd have to seriously love the look and performance

Sadmummytrapped Wed 05-Oct-16 04:53:51

I was playing with a display one in a shop the other day its definetly quieter than usual hairdryers but didnt seem any more powerfull. I personally think its alot of money for what you get

AppleMagic Wed 05-Oct-16 04:58:13

I have one and it drys my hair in half the time of my old one and leaves it looking a bit better. If you dry your hair very frequently it probably is worth it in terms of time saved.

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